Read please I need some fudging advice peoples!!!


Chapter 1

Why Da Fudge Didn't I See This Coming?!


I'm walking to my locker to but my hat and badge back in it. (Safety Patrol Thingy)

Arayah stops me when walking to my other locker.

"Hey, Emily!" she says WAY to sweetly.

"Whatchoo want?" I said.

"Do you like Rafael?" she asks under her breath since other people are there.

"HELL TO THE NO!" I practically scream. (Thank god no teachers were in that hall XD)

"Why not?"

"He is a midget and annoying," I say looking her in the eyes, "and always will be!"

"How is he annoying?" Arayah asks innocently, "Why don't you like him?!"

At this point meh friend Mia comes up.

"Who do you like, Emily?" Mia asks amused.

"I DON'T FVCKING LIKE HIM!!" (again thank you god for no teachers in this hall)

"Isaac W?" Mia guesses since she heard me say he's a midget.

"No, why are you asking Arayah?!" I ask annoyed.

"He asked for me to set you two up," she whispered in my ear.

"EWWWWW!" Mia and I scream since she put her ear next to Arayahs' mouth.

"Don't tell ANYONE!" Arayah yells leaving us in disgust.

~End Flashback~

FRIGGIN HELP ME! Why da fudge didn't I see this happening? He does WAY too many nice things for me. I truthfully don't like him but I don't wanna hurt his little midget self-esteem.

What should I do? Ima be all awkward around him now! And he's gonna be expecting an answer from Arayah!



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