This is the sequal to Born. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

I Created You

Elise woke up to a loud pounding on her door.
“Wake up Elise! We don’t have all day! Quit being pretty and get out here!”
She wondered if everyone was like this. She had just been born from what seemed like nowhere. The orphanage picked her up and almost immediately brought her to this house. She was only seven and had never really been around people before. Instead of thinking about her odd birth, she put on her clothes quickly to avoid the wrath of her dad. He had broken down her door before and she didn’t like having to keep screwing it back in again. She quickly hit downstairs.
“G-g-go-od… m… mor… ning.” Elise struggled to say. That was another oddity she had. Most seven year-olds could speak right but she was having a great deal of trouble doing it. All the kids made fun of her lack of proper speech. She would try all day and night to say a full sentence correctly but she just never could.
“Time to go to school.” Her dad said. The words seemed almost harsh.
“O…ok” she said
They climbed onto a vine and, after a very fast lunge, they arrived. The last major oddity was the fact that her skin was white and everyone else’s was green or blue. She was a misfit. She had no real friends. She felt so alone. Her mother was addicted to something called T-77. She didn’t understand what it was or what it meant but her mother would act very weird when she took it. She didn’t like how she talked to her when she was like that. But when Elise would say stop she would start hitting her. She commonly woke up with cuts and bruises all over her body. School was her only escape from home but she would be made fun of at school. She was in a constant hell all of her life. She wished so bad to get out. But how could she make it into space all by herself?
One day her dad was beating her. She got really mad and looked at him straight in the eyes telling him a firm stop. His eyes glowed for a moment. He stood up and walked to the other end of the room to watch TV. What is this? she thought How did I do that? She had to know. She looked into her fathers’ eyes again and told him to change the channel. He merely grumbled and cursed at her. What did she do? She tried it on the other kids but nothing happened. They just laughed and threw objects at her. Her curiosity for that event almost became an obsession.
She couldn’t take the laughing and beating anymore. She packed up all of her things in her small leaf backpack and ran full out away from home. But LeafForest was dangerous at night, not only by the wild animals but by the people wondering around. This place had many phyco killers in the past and it certainly wasn’t about to end due to all the poverty. Lack of money made people crazy.
In school one day she learned a word called Communism. She never knew what it meant and when she asked the teachers they quickly, almost nervously, blew her off. She didn’t understand what was so bad about that word. But now was not the time to be worrying about a word she didn’t understand.
She ran and ran away into the night as if she would never stop. She finally stopped next to a tree, panting and scared. She had no idea where she was. It was night and bad things happened at night. She began to cry. She knew that was making it worse but that made her cry even harder. A man with brass knuckles walked in front of her.
“Hey I know you. You’re that girl who talks stupid!” he laughed
“S… Sh… Shut… Up…”
“Aw look at the stupid little girl!”
“Shut up!”
A smooth, sweet smelling, green mist blasted from her mouth as she said it and he dropped to the ground. Did she just kill him!? No… Everything’s going to be ok Elise, its ok she told herself. She was starting to panic. “Help me!” she screamed “I think he’s dead!”
But no one was there to hear it. She got up and started sprinting away. She didn’t know where she was going but she just wanted to be away from the man. She was so tired now. She needed sleep. But there were so many evil things in those woods. She looked around everywhere but all she saw was the same thing. Trees, trees, and more trees. She tried to stay awake as long as possible but she eventually just drifted off.
She woke up in a white room. She had no clothes on. She quickly covered herself up with her hands, utterly embarrassed. What was going on? Was this a dream?
“Hello Elise.” said a voice
“W-who are you? What do you want? Where are my clothes!?”
“Calm down for me Elise. Breathe. I’m not looking at you.”
Elise began to whimper and cry quietly. She felt warm all of a sudden. She was in a large fur coat with a warm hat. She loved how soft it was. She took a deep breath and steadied herself. Where was she? This must be a dream? A man with a jagged face appeared in front of her.
“Hello Elise.”
Elise let out a loud scream and ran away when she hit a wall.
“Who are you and what do you want from me?” she yelled “Answer me!”
“Calm down Elise. I am here to help you. Not hurt you in any way.”
Elise was beginning to calm down. She looked at the man.
“What do you want?” her voice shaked
“You are different from the others on your home plane. You saw how you got your dad to stop beating you?”
“How did you know that?”
“Because I made you.”
This is madness she thought “Can I make it happen again?”
“Yes. It’s possible. You just have to put your mind to it. If you want I can teach you how.”
“I would love that! Who are you anyway?”
“My name is Rey. I created you.”

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