A city destroyed. 5 survivors. All with no name, and no home. These are the Unknowns.

Chapter 1


1999, The Day Before 2000

"Raise the alarms!" The city was in a panic. It was 5 minutes before midnight, when all would go wrong. The world would blackout, There would be nothing. Planes would fall, people would die, everything would be destroyed. 4 minutes.

"Get to shelter! Go! Go! Go!" That was our commander, our city was a military base. All the bombs were here. And even worse, so were the children. We were supposed to be celebrating, instead we're panicking. 3 minutes.

My name is Emily, I am 12, and I'm about to die. Seems like such a dismal way to die, the clouds are blacker than night, everywhere there is only smoke, intoxicating the air. Hardly a happy place to be when you die. But I guess it's not the worst. 2 minutes.

Somewhere I thought I heard my mom, yelling at me. But that was impossible, she's gone. Must be the toxins, I thought. I just wish I could see her face one more time. But maybe I will when I'm gone. Now someone is shaking me to get off of the street. I wish they wouldn't do that. I want to be left alone. 1 minute.

Now I can see it's my dad. The commander. I do not wish to get up. 3, 2, 1. Everything happened in a rush. There was the loudest boom anyone's ever heard. Then silence. Then wind. Tons of wind. It blew me across the street with a resounding whack as my back hit a brick wall. Then flames. Giant flames so big you can't see where it ends in the sky. This is the result of all the bombs. I'm not sure what saved me, but the last thing I remember is wanting some pain medication. Then all went black.


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