Not Your Average Sleeping Beauty

Clea had no idea what was going to happen when her best friend Lydia took her and a few friends to an off map waterfall. She really didn't expect to start seeing strange things after she came home. In truth, that waterfall was from a leak in a witching well, which has waters that allow people to see past the magic spell the Queen of Magic, Morgana, cast in punishment for mankind for abusing magic.
Read if you like magic and fractured fairy tales!!

Inspired by my Creative Writing class :D

Chapter 1

Clea's the name, don't wear it out

"Bawk bawk!"
"Shut up, moron."
"You are a turtle chicken."
"And you are a moron."
I focused a well practiced glare on Lydia's pale green eyes. We then burst out laughing.
"Girls," Mrs.Choiffe scolded.
"Sorry," we muttered in harmony. It's something we planned in fifth grade when we were determined to become pop stars. And we turned out to be pretty succesful. Ha, not. But it stuck.
"This semester we will be learning about fairy tales and magic and all of that stuff that was made up in the thirteenth century on. Merlin, Morgana, fairies and all of that are in this section."
"Why won't you come with us to the waterfall?" Lydia whined softly.
"I never said no," I smirked.
"You will?"
I shrugged. "Yeah, sure."
"Yes!" she yelled.
"Lydia and Clea, do I have to move you two?" the teacher demanded.
"No," we responded, still in harmony.
"Now pay attention!" she said sharply. "England is the place you would think of first for princesses and all that, but in truth Russia and France.."
I pretended to take notes, but I really just stared at my notebook and daydreamed about the recent video I helped Danial and Emmaligh make. It was weird, we had just made a music video to the movie Anastasia and now we were talking about fairy tales and their origins. Again, not really seeing the point. The bell rang and I grabbed my stuff, shoving it in my bag.
"Your homework is on the sheet of paper I gave you!"
Lydia and I walked down the hall, past the little freshman. Funny how much of a difference a year makes. But as a sophmore, it just seems different.
"I thought we'd meet up at the park and then go on the trail to the waterfall I found," Lydia explained.
"Tomorrow after school, right?"
We stopped at our lockers and I got my lunch money before relocking it.
She whipped her dark hair into a messy pony tail and I was a little jealous. She's so pretty. We both kind of are, but compared to her I am so plain. We walked to the cafeteria and through the line. Chicken sandwiches. The only good thing about this place. I gave the cash register my money and carried my tray to the place we sat.
"Clea!" Ariana announced, beating Teven in a game of rock paper scissors.
"What up?" I said, sitting down.
Emmaligh held up a hand. "Shush. Studying!"
Oliver pretending to pour his water on her notes which were scattered across the table. I covered a smiled as she looked up slowly with an angry glare. Sierra sketched a mountain scene and Teven and Danial balanced grapes on their noses.
"You two are such losers," I laughed.
Lydia sat next to me. "Now how is it you were behind me but got out first?"
"Because I am magic," I said sarcastically then took a bite of my sandwich.
Our group-Ariana, Oliver, Emmaligh, Lydia, Sierra, Teven, Danial Kevin and I- have been together since third grade. We each have a very different personality to match our talents. Sierra was an artsy person while Ariana was an amazing author. Oliver was that sarcastic book worm and Teven, Danial and Kevin were sports crazed. Lydia was adventurous and Emmaligh was super smart. Me? I don't really know. I suppose I am always in the clouds with an imagination too big for my own good.
The cafeteria was loud and full of life, a type of place you could say something and everyone but no one would hear you. You could see every group from our seats. The geeks, the nerds, the under achievers and over achievers, the snobs, the dancers, the marching band people and then the rock band people. But sitting high on a pile of crushed dreams and giant egos were the pops. The outer layers of it all could be changed and switched around, they don't really cause trouble. But the core of it all, that's where it all goes wrong.
Chelsea Mclain. Stick straight blonde hair, cotton candy pink lips and ice cold blue eyes. The very definition of queen bee. Vicious and cruel, your stereotypical movie popular leader. She has all the important people wrapped around her finger, the rest of the student body on a string. She's one year above us, she knows how it works. I find it stupid. How can people be so blind?
I jolted out of my thoughts. "Yea-uh?"
Danial smirked. "I was just talking about the waterfall hike. You coming?"
I nodded. "Yeah. sounds fun."
"If you guys die, can I have Ariana's locker?" Sierra asked.
"I call Danial's," Teven teased.
"You guys aren't coming?" Lydia said while stabbing a cucumber.
"Soccer," Kevin and Teven said together.
"I don't hike," Sierra said, making a face.
"So it's only us five?" I pouted. "Who am I going to pick on besides Danial and Oliver and possibly Lydia?"
"You complaining?" Danial said in a loud whisper. "Now we can gossip or do whatever your species does!"
I rolled my eyes. "Oh yes, then we can paint our nails and sing karaoke."
"Let's talk about something interesting," Ariana said, bored.
"How about the fact you ignored me!" Emmaligh protested.
"Shush, you are studying," Oliver teased.
She flipped him off with a glare. We laughed.
"Who's bringing the snacks?" Ariana asked.
"I'll forget, so don't ask me," Lydia muttered.
"Oh we know," Teven said. "Remember when you forgot to feed my goldfish?"
"Dude, that was three years ago," Kevin laughed as he threw his trash away.
"So? I miss my fish."
"i'll bring the drinks if Danial brings the snacks," I challenged.
"As long as it's not goldfish, I'll do it," he said with a wink.

I sat on the couch, Lydia braiding my hair. Teen Wolf played loudly and one of my sisters, Zara, sat on the floor while talking to her friend on the phone.
"Can't you do that in your room?" I asked, annoyed.
"Could you not be a turtle?" she responded as her friend laughed.
That was her response for everything. In her eighth grader mind, I guess it's cool.
"God, your hair is so thick," Lydia complained.
"You wanted to braid it," I laughed.
My hair is thick and wavey, occasionally curly. It's the color of salt and pepper sand, like you could find on the east coast, more northern beaches. It annoyed me, not blonde or brown.
"There," she said, leaning back. "Done."
I rolled my neck, making pops and cracking sounds. "Come on, let's go to the basement."
Her phone buzzed and she groaned. "Evil stepmother wants me back at the lair. God help me!"
I patted her arm sympathetically. "Look forward to Thanksgiving and other breaks. You are going to your mom's then, right?"
"Yeah." she stood up and stretched. "Okay, well, see you later."
I waved as she walked out the door. I sighed and stretched out on the couch. Finally. Relaxation. Then of course, it got screwed up.
"Zara, where is my shirt?" Taylor shouted.
"I dunno!"
"Laurel!" Taylor shrieked.
"I'm wearing it!" Laurel yelled from upstairs.
See, here's the thing. I'm the oldest out of four. I have three sisters-triplets- in eighth grade. And a brother in sixth. Mike. The only guy besides my dad in the family. You gotta feel bad for him.
"Clea, come help unload the bags!" Mom called from the garage.
"no, Clea go help your brother out back with soccer," Dad said, bringing in a duffle bag.
"But she needs to help me with my homework," Taylor complained.
"Clea needs y'all to shut up," I muttered and sat up.
All the tv's downstairs were on, Carrie Underwood blasted from Laurel's room upstairs, Zara had her friend on speaker, Mike was making the dogs bark while my parents were bringing in bags from the car. Hiking will be such a relief from all of this.
My phone rang and I answered with a, "Clea's phone, President speaking."
"Interesting greeting."
I smiled and walked upstairs. "Hey Danial."
"What's up?"
"Nothing, just really bored."
I kicked a pile of Mike's clothes out of the middle of the hall. "Well you could come over and help me clean my room."
He laughed, probably flipping his dark hair. "Yeah right. It's like Ground Zero there."
I pushed open my door and collapsed on my bed. "You aren't wrong."
"Could you help me with my essay? We are supposed to be creative and thoughtful. You spend so much time daydreaming, thought you could help."
I pursed my lips. "Not sure if that was an insult or not."
He laughed. "No worries, it was a compliment."
"Oh, well okay. But I'm not helping you."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't even know what's going on," I said with a short laugh.
We started to laugh., something contagious like a yawn. I started to laugh so hard that my sides hurt. Didn't make sense, it wasn't even that funny.
"So what do you want for your birthday," he said.
I thought about it. "I don't really know. I don't think I want anything."
I heard his mom call him and he groaned. "I gotta go. See you later."
I hung up and oddly enough I was being yelled at too.
"Come get your bag!"
I stomped down the stairs and grabbed my bag from Zara. "Why couldn't you just go up the stairs?"
"Why can't you be less annoying?"
I rolled my eyes and dragged it up the stairs, kicking the clothes I had previously kicked. I closed my door and opened the window. A cool breeze came in, bringing the smell of maple trees and the sound of rushing water. The Sun cast a golden glow over the late September setting, freezing me in place. I felt the skin on my arms prick and I smiled. Birds called to each other and the shrill whistle of the football coach just barley made it to me. People laughed and talked on the trails.
I tore my gaze from the out doors and dumped my bag's contents on my bed. books, lip gloss, tissues, paper, notebooks, folders, money, pens, pencils, headphones and a tangle of bracelets. huh. Usually there is more.
I laid my binder gently across my desk and looked through my papers. Where was my homework? Ah ha. There it is. How is it possible to loose something the day you get it? Anyway. I read the paper and frowned in disgust. What a stupid assignment. What was my favorite fairy tale and why.
I sat in my spinny chair and rolled on the hardwood floor, tapping my pen on my chin. I was so obsessed with fairy tales as a little kid. I watched Cinderella, the little mermaid, all of those. I went as a different princess each year for Halloween until I was eight.
Not really caring, I wrote down Thumbalina because I was in the play in fourth grade. The wheels of the chair caught the side of my rug and I tripped with a yelp. Talk about face plant. So glad I don't have braces, that could have gotten messy.
I stood up and turned on my radio. My favorite song was on and I was in an unusually happy mood. I started to dance, thinking if anyone saw me I'd be so embarrassed. I like acting stupid, though. It's quite fun, actually.


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