A big apology to everyone... I'll probably delete after this.

I will understand if you hate me afterwards... REALLY REALLY sorry mates!

Chapter 1

This will be as poetic as my other fictional stories because that's me XD

by: FerSure
I was surprised that no one ever pointed it out, because I thought that it was obvious... And if you did notice, congrats (it won't matter now).

I'm a fake


Not really a big surprise... I mean, "my life" sounds too good to be true. That "cousin" of mine? Entirely a product of my imagination. "My boyfriend"? Wish I had one, really aha. The whole reason I started this was because I felt my life was too dull. Now ahead, I'll be explaining some of my lies.

First of all, I'm not named "Amy". I simply took the name off a Britney Spears song because I love her and stuff. No one calls me by my true name so might as well tell you, I'm known as Cece. YES CECE. Nickname given by my nine-year-old sister.

My parents aren't really as complex as I make them sound. My mum isn't a lesbian and my pops isn't really a Jew (that would be very epic though LOL). My parents are together but they don't love each other. They're driven by money(as said by my grandmother), so most of the times they leave my sister and me in the care of my grandmother. My family is 100x more broken than "Amy's"

I'm really 15 haha

And now, going to the "looks" department, I lied A LOT there. My hair isn't dyed red and white, nor any other colour XD I'd be skinned alive if I dyed it. Neither do I have facial piercings... Wish I did haha. And I don't have the sexy green eyes either :-: I'm not skinny, nor am I 5'10"... just 5'8" DX

I've never attempted suicide either. The long periods I'm absent on Quibblo are due to diverse reasons, so don't worry hah. I'm a giant chicken, if I can't get a shot without crying I don't think I have the guts to end my life.

I also lie about my friends. Truly, at the moment I'm friend-less. You know, I just moved schools and I dedicate 98.69% of my time to the virtual world. I clearly have no time for friendships. My past friendships all ended in chaos so I'd rather keep to myself, you know?

Ohh and tiny detail, I'm not really Canadian as I claimed (lol wish I were). Surprising to hear, I'm a latina. No, not one of those hot-blooded, curvy latinas. I'm more of the sick-looking, awkward, potato type. That's why I'm fluent in Spanish :)

If you want me to clarify anything else,ask me in comments or private message, whichever you feel most comfortable with.(Well that is, considering you guys will take it well and not wish for me to delete.)

Another weight lifted off my shoulders... ahh this feels like peeing after a long day!


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