I'm Back! :D

Chapter 1

It's true!!!

Hey fellow Quibbloers! :D Long time no talk! (Well, I'm gonna put an end to that! :) )
I'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry to those of you who actually read my stories and wanted to read more! I went through some seriously bad writer's block for a while, but I swear I will start coming online more often (I know, I've been real sucky at it :() and I have been working on a few new stories and chapters to old stories, so... keep your eyes open! :)
Also although I'm gonna try to get on way more often, school started again and I of course have homework, so I will come on as much as possible, but it most likely won't be as often as I'd like. I'll try my best! :)
One more thing! To those of you who have tumblr accounts (which is a reason I've been offline so long) let me know if you think I should re-post all my stories to my tumblr account (or just one story or whatever) so send me a message on here and I will make it happen! :)
I really hope I can re-kindle some nice friendships I had with Beatlemaniacs such as I on here! Seriously message me! I can't guarantee I will reply right away, but I love talking to people on here!
I'm really excited to be back online and back posting and writing! Message me, comment & rate stories, you know the deal. ;)

Peace and love,
Rinny :)

P.S. I'm extremely aware of how hyper I probably sound, and for that I apologize. I'm just so excited to get posting stories again! :D


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