A Halloween Sonic Story!

Credit goes to HetaliaRoxXD for most of this stuff! Sonic characters belong to Sega, and fan characters belong to HetaliaRoxXD and me, Danime.

Chapter 1

Description of the Characters!

Swift the Hedgehog

Age- 17

Hair- Red, covers one eye, short

Fur- Black, some red on the top part of her arm

Quills- Similar to Shadow's, but kind of different. She only has four of the Shadow-like quills.

Loves- Either Silver or Shadow

Abilities- Can run faster than Sonic and Shadow, her strength depends on her mood (if she is calm, her strength isn't that strong. If she is angry, she is very strong. And so on)

Personality- Swift is very competitive and can be quite an arguer at times. But she is very friendly and helps out others. She's not emo or gothic or any of that stuff, just that teenage hedgehog who is well known in her high school. Swift doesn't really like flirting guys, but if she can get tricked if the guy is pretty clever. Swift doesn't like Sonic that much. She is friends with a bunch of people (but not mean ones), but she is truly friends with only a few people.

Dash the Hedgehog

Age- 13

Looks- View HetaliaRoxXD's (NicSaysHelloXD's) Photo Gallery. He looks like Silver.

Loves- Doesn't know yet.

Abilities- Can run as fast as Silver, but a bit faster.

Personality- Dash can be fun, creative, and very outgoing once you get to know him, but at first, sometimes he may be a little bit timid. He's a prankster and is an evil Aussie copy of Silver, but truthfully doesn't really seem that evil at all. Until his favorite holiday of the year comes round: HALLOWEEN! On that night is when he pulls all of his #1 top rated and newest pranks on all of the happy trick-or-treaters.

Anna Rose

Age- 13

Hair- Like Amy's, pink, some parts are dyed green (even when it's not Halloween).

Fur- Pink

Loves- She is friends with Tails, and she knows she can't get Sonic because of her sister, Amy Rose...

Abilities- Super smart.

Personality- Anna is very smart, especially with technology. She hasn't seen her sister Amy since she was born. But she sees her in school now. She is bubbly, fun, and cheerful like Amy, but a bit more serious. Her best friend is Swift, and she has known her for as long as she can remember. Anna is one of the top students in her middle school, and is proud of it. But she hates being called a nerd.

Storm the Hedgehog

Age- 16

Looks- View HetaliaRoxXD's (NicSaysHelloXD's) Photo Gallery.

Loves- Swift the Hedgehog (But it is uncertain if Swift likes him back though)

Abilities- Same as Dash's. Adding owns guns.

Personality- Storm is the flirty type, in other words, a ladies man! But little does everyone know that he has a dark side to him filled with guns, weapons, knives, and some times some pranks just to have some fun.

Sylvia the Hedgehog

Age- 16

Hair- White, cyan at the ends, long

Fur- White

Relatives- Shadow (dad), Silver (younger brother)

Abilities- She can heal; physically and emotionally

Personality- Sylvia is shy and quiet. She is kind and caring, but very rarely does anyone notice her being motherly. She loves create fashion designs, and she even has her own sewing room in her house. Sylvia doesn't like it when someone makes fun of Silver, nor does she like it when Shadow gets too angry.

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