My Chemical Romance Saved My Life.

Thirteen reasons is from a book, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Read it.

Chapter 1


I don't know how many of you know about MCR's anti-suicide stuff.
I don't know how many of you have even heard of MCR.

For a while, I was seriously depressed, and not for the first time.
My friend Stephanie had just died of a brain tomour.
My friend Cassie had turned into a jerk.
So had Elicia.
I literally had no friends. None.

Our school had an anti-suicide meeting. We were supposed to come up with "Thirteen Reasons Why I Matter.* I was sitting in a corner, trying to think of reasons.
I couldn't.

Some of the jerks at my school saw my paper, with the words "I don't." written across the top.

They said no one would care if I died.

A few days later, someone slipped an article into my locker. It was about a musician, named Gerard Way. His struggle with stage fright, depression, drugs, and alcohol. How he turned his life around.

I listened to some of his music on YouTube. He's the lead singer in the band My Chemical Romance.
It gave me one reason to stay alive a few more days.
A few days turned into a few weeks.
A few weeks turned into a few months.
I'm still alive. Slightly suicidal, depressed, self-harming, and seriously bullied, but alive.

To this day, I keep a list. I have thirteen reasons why I matter.

I don't know who cared enough to slip that article in my locker. I have guesses, but no answers.

I may be alive, but others aren't. Suicide is a major problem.

If you are suicidal, talk to someone. A friend. A family member. Me.
Listen to some music.
Take some time to enjoy the sun, or the rain.
Join a sport.
There are thirteen reasons why you matter.


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