Harry Potter Love Story: After the Final Battle

Harry Potter Love Story: After the Final Battle

This story is about Harry + Ginny and Ron + Hermione. It is right after the final battle and life is so different. Harry still feels something for Ginny. Ron still likes Hermione. Do the girls feel the same about the boys? This story is the nineteen years that were never told.

Chapter 1

Goodbye Hogwarts

by: alexaemd
Harry was upstairs in his four poster thinking of the day before. He had finished Voldemort. It was so hard to believe, but he killed him. He didn't know how to move on without a worry of where Voldemort was or what he was planning or how he was going to kill him. All he knew was that the war was over, people he loved were gone, and that he loved Ginny. He never stopped loving her but he didn't know if she felt the same. He had broken up with her and never told her how he really felt. He never wanted to break up with her, he had to. He didn't want her to be in any more danger than what her whole family was in. Her brother had just died so maybe this wasnt a good time to tell her.

He was alone in the boys dormitory, not wanting to get up. Out of no where Ron showed up by the door.
"Harry. You need to get out of bed. Mum is worried about you. Everyone is. You have been up here since last night. It is now 6 p:m."
"I know Ron. Tell everyone I will be right down."
"Okay. Before 9..please!"
"Okay Ron! In 5 minutes. I need to think about yesterday."

5 minutes later Harry trudged dow the stairs and out the Gryffindor common room. He walked into the Great Hall and walked over to the Weasleys.
"Hey!", he said to everyone.
"Hi.", Hermione said walking over to him and giving him a hug."We were worried about you!"
"I know. I had to think about yesterday."
No one said anything. Everyone knew ...there was no need to speak.
Harry noticed one particular person was not in the Great Hall.
"Where's Ginny?", he said worried.
"She's in her dormitory.", Mrs Weasley said sadly.
"Is she okay?", he said a little scared.
"Im sure she will be okay Harry. She needs a little time to herself.", Mr Weasley said.
"I will go see if she needs anything.", Hermione chimed in.
"I will go with you.", Harry said at once.
They were soon off to Gryffindor tower.

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