If Only...

Lila Andrews is angry at her twin brother, Luke, for stealing her song and becoming famous. About to start a world tour, her brother is feeling a little guilty. But guilty enough to give Lila the credit?

Chapter 1

Luke and the Lighting.

Luke yawned, stretched, and glanced at his beeping alarm clock. 7:30 a.m. Time for school. He got out of bed and threw on some clothes, then picked up a bright red marker, and crossed of January 6th, 2012. Yesterday. One more week until his world tour. Luke and the Lighting was famous.
Wait...it was January 7th? His essay on a famous historical figure was due! What should he do? Normally he would ask his twin sister for help, but she was very grumpy lately.


Meanwhile, Lila was sitting at her desk in her room, chewing on a pencil, thinking about lyrics for a song. She was very smart, very kind, and very shy. But she was a fantastic singer, and great at piano. She also wrote lots of songs, but only her brother knew that. And then he stole a song and grew famous, along with his 2 best friends...
She had gotten NO credit! And even though she never lied, how would her mother believe that quiet, brainy Lila could write a song?
Her father would have understood...if only he was still alieve.


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