Quibblo Academy (Just a quick update)

Ok, so I don't know if any of you have been reading my (I guess you can call it blog?) The Life of Me, The Mak (High School Edition), but it clearly states how much I'm hating my school and all...So that got me thinking, what if I went to a school full of people from Quibblo?

Chapter 1

Quibblo Academy

by: omgbye
So all the thinking gave me an idea for a new story. It involves all of you people on Quibblo attending a school called Quibblo Academy. I'm gonna need help on thinking of arcs and stuff like that. Plus a plot line. I was thinking some competition stuff between Quibblo Academy and another school or somethings like that..

But anyway, lemme talk about WHAT Quibblo Academy is. All its students and staff, etc. characters are going to be actual Quibblo members. So in order for me to write this story, I'm gonna need character submissions from A LOT of you people. Anyway, I was thinking of naming the story and school Quibblo Academy: The School of Outcasts so everyone who attends the academy is, well, an outcast in some way. They each have a special ability (sorry, I was going to make this story more realistic but I just can't write without adding something unreal) and they learn to use and perfect their skills. The school is huge and has thousands of students that live in really cool dorms and stuff. There are a bunch of different classes and clubs students can be part of (which I also depend on you guys to help me out with).

Anyway, that's just a quick info thingy on my idea for the school and story. For now, I just want you to COMMENT or MESSAGE me saying whether or not if you will actually READ the story and if your also willing to help me out. After that, depending on how many votes and volunteers I get, I'll make another chapter for the school info and character profiles.


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