Quibblo Academy (Just a quick update)

Ok, so I don't know if any of you have been reading my (I guess you can call it blog?) The Life of Me, The Mak (High School Edition), but it clearly states how much I'm hating my school and all...So that got me thinking, what if I went to a school full of people from Quibblo?

Chapter 2

Character Profiles

by: omgbye
Ok, I think I got enough volunteers for the story...so here's the character profile format I want you guys to fill out and MESSAGE me. Do NOT comment. And put something like "Quibblo Academy Submission" or "Academy Enrollment" or something like that for the subject to I don't accidentally delete it. Anyway, I know I said the students should have special abilities and powers they can all use in the last chapter, but I changed that to elements only. There are four dorms in the Academy: Scarlet Dorm, Crimson Dorm, Violet Dorm, and Lilac Dorm.
Crimson = Earth
Scarlet = Fire
Violet = Water
Lilac = Air
In the next chapter, I'll post how many spaces are available for each dorm so all are equal. I'll start out with 5 for each. Then increase it to 10 when all 5 spots are taken, then 15, 20, and so on, according to how many submissions I get. So CHECK THE NEXT CHAPTER FIRST BEFORE filling out what dorm you want to be in.

Ok, so here, just fill this out for NOW:
Name/Nickname: (Both or one)
Age/Birthday: (Both)
Relations/Friends: (with other people. MUST be other Quibblo characters/members)
Likes: (Hobbies, food, etc.)
Dislikes: (People, activities, etc.)

PERSONALITY RATING: (Out of 10. 10 being highest)
Social Relations:
Self Confidence:
Willingness to Act:

NOTE: Come on people, be honest. The character is supposed to be based off YOU. You should know who you are at least a bit. So don't lie and put 8-10 on your intelligence when you know its bellow that (no offense, just annoys me when people do that) or 0 for Social Relations when you actually have a few friends. Or 9 for Willingness to Act when you know how lazy you are. Just saying, a lot of people lie on these, but I don't want to write a story where everyone is exactly the same because of how they WANT to be known instead of how they actually are...

And yea, that's pretty much it for now. I might reply to your responses and ask for some other stuff if and when needed. Also, if I don't get enough submissions for all the characters I'm planning on putting, I might ask you guys to help me make up other characters. But FOR NOW, just message me your character profiles.


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