Quibblo Academy (Just a quick update)

Ok, so I don't know if any of you have been reading my (I guess you can call it blog?) The Life of Me, The Mak (High School Edition), but it clearly states how much I'm hating my school and all...So that got me thinking, what if I went to a school full of people from Quibblo?

Chapter 7

Blagh :P

by: omgbye
Ok, I know I didn't write ANYTHING for I think...2 weeks? now, and I just gotta say, SORRY! (for those who were actually reading, that is)

Again, I have a bunch of school work getting in my way of writing so its hard to find time to sit and write. Cuz I'm almost always doing some stupid hw assignment, project, procrastinating, or being lazy. Yes I am a very lazy person. And I hate that. If it wasn't for my fvckin laziness, the story and my school work would all be done by done. But yea.

Just wanted to say I'll probably have a new chapter up by Saturday or Sunday or if a miracle happens, sooner. But I was sorta lost since for the character submissions I received about 20 enrollments and only half of those people actually bothered to comment about their feedback -.-

Ok um...thanks for reading? BYEBYE! X3


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