Funny/Stupid Things I've done/Said

i am an idiot.

Chapter 1

Do not follow my footsteps. What ever you do don't! Dear god, don't!

by: gaypizza
Who's is prepared for my long, continuous journey filled with stupidity and facepalm moments. Are you properly hydrated for this quest? No? Well then, let's begin. 

Waring, if you get severe brain damage from how many times you facepalm, please don't sue me. 


Let's start of with something I said last night, shall we? 

"What's the difference between King Kong and Godzilla?" 

Now this was what I asked someone. Now for the criticism from me to myself. 

Cady, what the Hell is your problem? What the hell is wrong with you? What the fvck?!

I let a 7 year old convince me it was a good idea to throw a paper airplane at a candle. Here's how it went;

"Cady, you know what really awesome?" 
"If you put a paper airplane in a candle it looks really cool on the tip!" 
"It gets a little burned and looks super awesome!" 
"Okay let's try it!" 

I agreed. 

The outcome: 

A burned spot on my moms coffee table. And nearly burning my hand off. 

Okay so, should I make another chapter, of the stupid things I've done and said recently and throughout my past? I need feedback!! 

You know how I know I've been watching to much danisnotonfire? Because I somehow almost said 'What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!" and yes Dan is british. I am not. 



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