I've taken a dare that involves a lot of one-shot writing, listing everything I ship, and it's kind of silly

Chapter 1

Explanation/Ship List

Alright, so you probably clicked on this to see what the dare is, right? So here's how it all started.

My friend Rebecca was talking about her ships, and we got into an argument about if Dramione or Graco is a better ship. I was going all Dramione on her, and I must have been spurting madnessabout my headcanon, because she said "That sounds like a one-shot." And that's how this little dare started off.

We both have one to three months to write a one-shot for everything we ship from every fandom and from reality (Yes, I ship people together).She'll be doing it in her notebook ( I haven't convinced her to join Quibblo yet), and I'll be doing it on here. We're both allowed more chapter space if we need it, but no more than three chapters per ship. But first, I have to list everything I ship from every fandom. So here goes nothing! Oh, whoever finishes first wins, and I'm sure there's something embarrising involved for the loser. I have evil planning to do, anyone with ideas for torturing Becks if I win, please put it in the comments! And here's the list! OTPs are bolded.

Avatar:The Last Airbender:
Chanzula (Chan/Azula)
Mozai (Mai/Ozai, because I hate them both)
Ozursa (Ozai/Ursa, because I hate them more than should be legally allowed)
Sokkla (Sokka/Azula)
Sokkue (Sokka/Yue)
Taang (Toph/Aang)
Tokka (Toph/Sokka)
Toko (Toph/Zuko)
Tyoko (Ty Lee/Zuko)
Zutara (Zuko/Katara. I don't really like it very much, but Becca's doing Clato and Xindie for me, so I'll sacrifice)

Harry Potter:
Dramione (Draco/Hermione)
Romione (Ron/Hermione)
Wobby (Winky/Dobby)

Hunger Games:
****Clato (Clove/Cato. I couldn't possible stress this enough.)******
Clarvel (Clove/Marvel)
Effmitch (Effie/Haymitch)
Fannie (Finnick/Annie)
Farvel (Foxface/Marvel)
Fashmere (Finnick/Cashmere)
Foanna (Finnick/Johanna)
Gadge (Gale/Madge
Goanna (Gale/Johanna)

Xindie (Xander/Indie)

Adventure Time:
Fincellene (Finn/Marcellene, because my brother asked me to)

Luriah (Lynn/Uriah)
Marlynn (Marlene/Lynn)
Muriah (Marlene/Uriah)

Mortal Instruments:
Sisabelle (Simon/Isabelle)

Percy Jackson:
Percabeth (Percy/Annabeth)
Parchel (Percy/Rachel)

Deveryone (Death/Everyone,which just means I get to kill off a bunch of annoying eejits! Yay!)

Other things that don't have fandoms:
Conendra (Conner/Kendra from Impulse and Perfect)
Chasters (Chase/Masters from House)
Marcia (Morgan/Garcia from Criminal Minds)

Real people that I ship together:
Alexbelle (Alexander Ludwig/ Isabelle Fuhrman)
Alejenzie (Alejandro/Kenzie)
Grarner (GraceAnne/Warner XD)
Senzie (Sevon/Kenzie)
I probably won't write one-shots for the people, except for Alexbelle

Random Things and Cross-Ships:
Drapple (Draco/Apple)
Cazula (Cato/Azula)
Fercy (Foxface/Percy)
Py Lee (Peeta/Ty Lee)
Shy Lee (Shinji/Ty Lee)

My rule for shipping is just Add Ty Lee. She improves all the ships! Ok, I'm going to get started on Chanzula tomorrow (or in what's left of today). Wish me luck!

Annemarie :)


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