Loving the Liar: Part 3 of my Loki Laufeyson Love Story

That's right, people. Another one. Set a month after Ally and Loki left behind the Avengers. Enjoy... you people seem to, anyway

Here are the links to the first two of my stories



It's dedicated to those who have stuck with my neverending story, but for a certain friend of mine who kinda made me continue...

Chapter 1

My best friend's wedding

Watching Jimmy get married was weird to me. As I stood among the bridesmaids, wearing my muted orange bridesmaid dress, I looked at them, smiling. My little Jimmy was getting married. To one of the sweetest girls that I knew. Bethany was crying a little, saying her vows to him, sheer joy filling her soul. I tried not to cry as they finished the vows and kissed, being announced Mr and Mrs Ackler. It was near impossible, but I still didn't shed a tear... ok, fine, I shed a few. As soon as everyone walked back down the aisle, we started loading into the limo, trying to get to the reception hall. My best friend was happily married, I thought laughing. Only 4 more months until mine...
Two hours later, I was on the dance floor, partying like it's 1999. I was that cheesy party animal, getting disapproving looks from Nick Fury. Oh well, he hasn't seen Thor and Tony drunkenly dancing. I laughed as I went to the bathroom to run my hands through my hair. How was I going to tell anyone? I looked in the mirror, touching up on my mask of makeup. Shelling in all of my emotions of worry, stress, and being upset. But not at Jimmy... not at him or Bethany at all... I sat on the bathroom floor, trying not to cry as I opened my purse, seeing the small box. Once more, for good measure, I thought as I walked into a stall, locking the door.
I saw the results again: the third positive. I have to tell Loki! I thought as I ran to the corner table where Loki was sitting by himself.
"Hey beautiful," he said, kissing me. "Brilliant moves out there!"
"Loki, I need to tell you something. Loki, I'm p-" I started as I was interrupted by an announcement.
"Excuse me!" I heard the combined slurred voices of Tony and Thor. Oh my god! What are they going to do now?
"Yes, we have an announcement!" Tony said, hiccuping into the microphone.
"Today is the day of me! Thorsday!" Thor said, words jumbled. "Carry on with the wedding, Midgardians!" he said as he passed out from all of his drinking. The music restarted, but the party mood tensed a little bit, given that two drunk Avengers made a wedding announcement. I tried to go back to what I tried to say earlier.
"Loki, I don't know how you'll take it," I started making sure that he was paying attention. He looked at me intently, trying to read my poker face.
"Are you seeing someone else?" he asked, a bit worried.
"Not at all!" I yelled, the music growing louder. "Loki, darling, I'm pregnant!" I yelled as the music was loud.
"You're what?" he yell-replied, trying to hear me.
"Loki, I said that I'm pregnant!" I yelled right as the music turned off. I felt many pairs of eyes on me as I heard the combined what from 7 different people at once: Loki, who sounded nervous, and my former team, who sounded pissed off, especially Clint. I shouldn't have said that.

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