Some serious news. (UPDATE)

I just felt i needed to tell you guys...

Chapter 1

Serious news about myself :/

Hey everyonr.
I just came back from the optometrist...
but before i go on I just wanna say if you see any erroes in this post its coz of the following problem... :P

I was in last period of skwl today and as i tried to read from my text book my vision became blury. I thought it ws nothing and rubbed my eyes a fww times but it didnt go away! i saw the "nurse" (an office lady who filled in coz the nruse left) and she didnt know what to do.

So when i got in the car as mum picked me up i told her and she panicked and booked a doctors appointemnt. we saw the doctor, he booked us an immediate appointment to the optometrist and we literally had to run to the place.

I saw the doctors and suff and they said that it was an affect of a coming migrane or my viion is affected till hopefully the end of the day...

like even as i type this message, i can hardly see the freaking screen XD

So jus thought id let u all know coz i wont be drawing today...coz i was plannig on drawing at least 3 of the requests...bummer..

but im just a bit concerened if it dodesnt go away.....

But lets not worry bout that now,,,,


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