My life at Camp Jupiter (percy jackson fanfic)

This is supposed to, like, mirror the events of KEPM's My life at Camp Half-Blood. You have been warned XD

Chapter 1

Beginnings pt 1

Run Anthony my brain screamed at me. Run, and don't look back

My lungs were bursting, my legs were jelly, but I kept running. If I slowed for a second, I knew that I would get caught. That they would catch me. And I highly doubted that those blood-curdling screams were cries of affection.

They're chasing me.
What's chasing me?
I'll tell you when I find out.
If I live that long.

They're setting everything ablaze.
How does this kind of thing even happen? Even start?

I've been told that every tale has a beginning.
So I guess mine starts out on that dreary Tuesday in September.


I woke up bleary eyed, and carelessly slapped my iPhone to turn off my smack-talking alarm clock app. What sort of demon possessed me when I got the stupid app, I'll never know. I squinted at the digital clock on my iPhone.


Bleh. Earliness. Only one of the reasons to hate school.

I ran a comb through my hair (I had just gotten a fade the day before), just to tell teachers that I actually did comb my hair that morning, thank you very much. I climbed in the shower and almost immediately jumped out (God, I missed warm water). Upon re-entering my room, I sorted through all the piles of dirty clothes on my floor, looking for something suitable to wear. I finally settle upon a blue v-neck tee and jeans that got about a 78 out of 100 on the cleanliness scale (I had subtracted 4 points for the questionable stains on the right jean leg, but hey, it's a passing grade).

I instinctively tried to turn off the light in my room upon leaving, but I remembered that the light fixture in my room in this new house had never worked. I sighed. It sucks going from middle classed to poor.

I straggled down the steps (each creaking as I went down, I might add), found my way to the old white fridge and found some leftover pizza, all of which I stuffed into my backpack.

"Wassup little man" I heard from the living room.

I walked into the living room to see my older brother unbuckling his heavy work shoes. "Hey Dante" I replied.

Dante looked tired like he always did. He had just come home from his 9pm- 5am work shift at the metal factory a few miles away. Our mom had died 3 years ago ( a month after Dante's 18th birthday) and our dad (well our dads) had run out on us before I could remember. My brother is the only family I have now. He dropped out of college to take care of me and take care of the little shack we loosely called "home" that he bought after mom died. The only thing I really had to my name now were some clothes and the iPhone I bought with the money I had saved. I could tell how weary Dante was, but he kept it together for his lil' bro.

You wouldn't tell that we were brothers though. While I was black, lean, and average height, Dante was pale white, skinny, and tall. We honestly don't know how we could even look so different, but we both knew mom "got around" so we didn't think to much about it.

Anyway, Dante followed up hid greeting with a phrase that only a brother would say:

"Dude, did you eat all the pizza??"

I gave a mischievous grin.

He laughed and said "I would totally fight your for it if I wasn't so tired."

"Yea, Yea ok." I said in reply walking for the door.

"Anthony" His tone turned serious.

I spun around, surprised from his tone change.

"Just...whatever happens today... you know I'm there for you right? I'd do anything I could to help you. Just remember that, ok?"

I was confused by my brother's cryptic warning,but I slowly nodded.

"Ok I'll see you late-soon. See you soon" he said with a pained expression on his face.

God he was freaking me out. I mumbled a "yea" and walked for the bus top through the stormy weather.

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