Dear Tributes (My Humble Opinions In Letter Form)

This is an idea I had where I will tell all the Hunger Games characters EXACTLY what I think of them. I would send these, but.. idk their addresses. Of course, if I knew Peeta's, he'd be dead by now..

I'm going to start with Cato. Comment who you want me to write to next!

~ Sarah :)

Chapter 1

Dear Cato..

Dear Cato,

First off, can I please say that you are the hottest person to ever have graced this earth, and, given three wishes, one would have been that you had been born in my time, preferably where I live. :)

That being said, I think you are terribly misunderstood in the book. It's not your fault that people took you the wrong way. You were just trying to stay alive, but, so was everyone else.

I hate it when people automatically hate you because you were the 'Bad Guy.' You aren't, that's President Snow. Let's see your haters be but in the same position as you as turn out to be perfect angels. You weren't a perfect angel, but you weren't bad, either.

I think you acted out of anger, for many reasons, mostly because your friends and girlfriend, they died and you watched it happen. You snapped the guy's neck, so what? He was going to die anyway. Katniss shot an arrow at the Gamemakers. It's the same anger, just taken out in different ways. Anger against the Capitol. You weren't born to die, they were. It's just a shame they took some many innocent people like you down with them.

Your scene with Clove dying was my favorite, I ranted for hours when I saw it wasn't in the movie. I love how you ran to her, and I can't believe some people can read that and say you don't have a heart.

Extra Love From Your Favorite Fangirl,

Sarah ♥♥♥


Who should I write to next? :)

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