How To Bag A Boy

Can taming a Gorgeous Boy really be as easy as walking a dog?
Leah-Jade is on a mission. Her and her bestie Sienna need to bag a boyfriend by the end of the year. But life is beyond complicated. Leah-Jade has to deal with Jealous popular girls, embarrassing moments and her horrific past life.
Can Leah-Jade really find true love?
Will she finally get a boyfriend?
Or will it break her heart...?

Chapter 1

So here it goes

Okay, so people always say that the hardest part about writing a story is the begininng. Hmm I'm going to have to disagree with that statement, considering my story isn't so hard to tell, because it's all just laid out in front of me. Each day is like a new chapter, a new begininng, a new life almost.

I'm Leah-Jade a normal 14 year old. Kinda boring, I know, but it's true. I'm just like any other teenage girl: I drool over boys, have huge crushes on boys and embarrass myself in front of boys. Oh and I also turn as red as a tomato when I talk to boys. My life mostly revolves around boys, but the thing is I'm not your usual chatty girl who can grab a boy in seconds. I refuse to spend my entire life swooning pointlessly trying to crave attention. (Although my friends back home may disagree on that,) I just think that I'm young I should be out enjoying the world while I still can. I mean in 10 years time if I run outside in my feety pyjamas singing Justin Bieber songs at the top of my lungs at 3am, my neighbours would send me to a loony bin. However, at this day and age although my neighbours already think I'm crazy, at least i'm acting my age. Some girls are so tarty they can bag a boy so quickly it's unbelieveable, can taming a boy really be as easy as walking a dog?

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