Find Me Somebody (Possibly BxB Gay Story) AU A Queen(The Band) Fic.

This is all fiction. Except for some of the people.

Chapter 1


*Third Person POV*

Brian crawled out of bed and put his socked feet on the chilly floor. He slowly made his way over to the door of his bedroom and slowly opened it as it began to creak. He quietly made his way to the kitchen and began to start some coffee brewing, even though he was the only one home he would still act like everyone else was there and so he was quiet as a mouse every morning. He missed all of them. He missed Roger a lot. He missed the way he would compete on singing scales with Freddie before every concert. He missed Freddie's over-the-top, extremely flamboyant attitude about everything. He missed John's quiet remarks that only he heard because Roger and Freddie would always be fighting about something. He chuckled to himself. He missed those days. Why they never stayed in touch he didn't know. They weren't very old. They had their last concert on their last tour and then went separate ways. He never knew why. Freddie had just put out a solo album about a year or so ago. He wasn't sure if the band was gone or if the band was on break. But he was sure going to find out.

Well, That was an interesting story so far, Huh? Please rate, favorite,etc. c: Thank you ^-^ Also comment and tell me your thoughts! PLEASE. FREDDIE MERCURY WANTS YOU TOO.

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