Death Becomes Her ~ The Directioner Games

The America of 2012 was a very different place then it had once been. Cars ran on green energy, all people were equal and capable, and the world’s population had been decreased by 3 billion, so space was hardly an issue. There was only one problem the American Government faced: Directioners.
Solution? Take the most capable Directioners from each of the 50 states, put them in an abandoned town and let them fight to the death.
Only 5 will win the marriage to the boy of their dreams.
Game on.

Chapter 1

The Competitors.

Name: Francis "Boo" Gavin
Age: 16
Boy: Louis Tomlinson
Greatest weakness: She was born mute, and can't utter a sound. This sometimes classifies her as "weak" or "unworthy" of having allies in the Games.
Appearance: Stark white (natural) hair that falls just above shoulder blades. Wide green eyes framed with thick black lashes. Porcelain skin with a smallish nose and a cherry-red bow mouth. Petite, 5'4 and slender with curves.
Skills: Climbing, agility, stealth, speed.
Favorite song: With Ur Love by Cher Lloyd
Hobbies: Gymnastics, dance (ballet and alt), and reading.

Name: Kinzy Hayes
Age: 15
Appearance: Wavy auburn hair that falls a bit past her shoulders, ocean-blue eyes, LOTS of freckles. Small, but she is stronger than she looks.
Personality: She suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which means she can be sweet and thoughtful one minute, then unpredictable and impulsive the next minute. She's not unable to control her disorder, but it makes her who she is. Most of the time, she is sweet but you never really know when the other side of her might lash out unexpectantly. A lot of times her friends think of her as a handful and a maniac but they chose to remain friends with her out of loyalty. Overall, she's loyal and real.
Background Info: Kinzy lives with her parents, and her 10 year-old brother, Jonas, who does not seem to suffer from any mental disorders. She is unmistakeably in love with Harry Styles- I guess you can say that her love for Harry is like Annie Cresta's love for Finnick O'Dair in the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Name: Kayla Brownfield
Age: 17
1D Crush: Zayn
Personality: She is very dramatic and over reacts to everything. She loves to eat and is really insecure about her body.
Appearance: She has long dark brown hair that is really curly and difficult to deal with, and is paleish. She has deep brown eyes and likes to wear really baggy clothes since she doesn't like to wear fitted clothing because she hates her body. She is a swimmer and loves running.

Name: Madison Sharp (aka Maddie)
Age: 18
Gender: Female (well, obviously)
Boy of choice: Liam Payne
Appearance: Reddish, long hair with natural lowlights, smattering of freckles across her cheekbones and straight nose, heart-shaped face, blue-green eyes, petite
Personality: I honestly never know. My characters form personalities on their own, so please forgive the lack of information on this one.

Name: Nova Danvers
Age: 17
Love interest: Niall Horan
Appearance: 5'6" tall, olive tan skin, dark brown eyes, curly black hair that reaches just past her shoulders, wears glasses but also wears contacts too
Personality: carefree, helpful, talkative, athletic, smart, observant, can be mean and manipulative, sarcastic, nice and kind to allies
Other: prefers not to have an alliance with any one if they show any interest in Niall. Thinks a fight to the death is a bit unnecessary, so she avoids killing when she can, instead setting people that she thinks needs to be gone against each other

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