[Anime] Night In Heaven (Girls and Guys, lots of different Anime Charries!!)

[Anime] Night In Heaven (Girls and Guys, lots of different Anime Charries!!)

[[Girls= Chapters 1-2 & Boys= Chapters 3-4]]

You're invited over for this huge party that everyone is having, and of course...a game similar to seven minutes in heaven is brought up. "Now, since we're all adults here, it will be a night in heaven." I smirk as I rest two bowls in the middle of the floor. "Many different numbers rest in the bowls, and you match up to your number. Then, go to that door number, as well."You sigh as you pull out the number you chose, and quietly walk to your room.

Chapter 1

Number One

by: LilChii
You sigh as you make your way into Room One. It's quite the luxury room as you place yourself on the bed and look around. You sigh as your eyes watch the door, but no one comes in at first. So, as you wait you fall back against the bed and close your eyes. However, the small purr of a cat could be heard in the midst. You peek up, thinking maybe my cat has made its way into your room, but come to find out....it was Kuro. A neko that lived in the neighborhood. You blink up at him, his different color eyes looking into yours, and you smile. "Hey." he says, a faint blush across his face. He was so cute, and you gently pat beside you. He makes his way over, sitting beside you with a faint chuckle. "Kinda odd, this game Chii made, huh?" he asked quietly. You nod with with a giggle and look him over. You've always, always wanted to touch his ears. Heck, who wouldn't, right? They were just so...facinating. Suddenly, you find your hand reaching up and gripping the side of one of his ears. Your hands delicately petting them. His purr only grows as he blushes a darker tint and glances towards you. "Hey __....What are you doing?" he asked, twitching the other ear slightly. You blink a few times and quickly pull away. "U-Uh...I...Im sorry..." you speak quietly, blushing now as well. He smiles, leaning down and resting his head in your lap. "That's okay. Continue. It...fells nice." he smiles, closing his eyes and rubbing his cheek against you gently. Your blush darkens as you start to pet his ears once again. And, even getting up the courage to run your fingers through his hair. The two of your blush darker and darker, and he finally looks up at you, turning on his back to face you. His hand moved up, running over your cheek. "You look very cute with a blush." he smiled. Your brow cocked. "Look who's talking." Your and poked his cheek and the two of you laughed. However, while doing so, you didn't notice as he pushed up and pressed his lips to yours. You blinked for a moment, before kissing him back happily. Your eyes closing slowly. His lips...so soft and gentle against your own. His hand moved up, resting on your cheek, and you reach your little hand up and grip his shirt tightly. As he pulled away, you muttered his name so softly...."Kuro..." He looked into your eyes, you looked into his, and he pushed you back against the bed. You blushed darkly, watching as he hovered over you. His tail flicking back and forth. You giggled a little, and he leaned down and kissed you once again. You kissed back, and watched as he pulled away. Wanting his lips once more... "I've...I've really liked you for a long time, you know..." he whispered. You waited there for a moment. You've had a crush on him as well, now that you think about it. When he was with the other girls, you'd get so jealous... "I really like you, too, Kuro." you whispered, watching as he smiled and moved back down. Finally, your lips collided with his once again, and the two of you sat there, kissing over and over. Before finally he made the move, his hand sliding down your side. Caressing your body gently......and so the night progresses from there, and the two of you have your..."fun"

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