Alphabet Food Challenge!

I came up with a cool challenge. You may repost but plz say in your introduction:
Made by Missanime101 :)

So what you must do is you have to complete this challenge using NO HELP FROM GOOGLE YOU CHEATERS. For each letter you must put one food. That is all ^^

Chapter 1


A- Apricot
B- Banana
C- Crab
D- Dewgon (that sea cow thing oh and i dont eat them)
E- Egg Plant
F- Figs (it’s a fruit)
G- Goanna ( :) )
H- Herbs
I- Ice
J- JJs ( there are chips and there nice)
K- Kumquat! (There Mini mandins but sourer)
L- Lemon
M- Mango
N- Nuts
O- Onions
P- Peanuts
Q- Quiche
R- Rice
S- Shrimp
T- Tacos!!!!
U- Umm...Upside down cake!
V- Vanilla beans
W- Watermelons
X- XO Sauce. (BAMMM!!!!!!)
Y- Yam (Lol)
Z- Zekini

Score: 26/26 YEAH-YUHHHHH

Feel free to repost if you want but in the intro plz say made/created by Missanime101 :)


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