Sad Girl (Original Poem)

An original poem. I wrote this in about 5 minutes. It's one of those poems where you write out exactly what you think. It's somewhat based on someone on here. You know who you are.

Chapter 1

Sad Girl

Sad Girl,
Talking about death.
Suicide, and how
today's your last breath.

Sad Girl,
Hating life,
Spending her days
Staring at a bloody knife.

Sad Girl,
Wanting nothing more
Than getting back
The life she'd had before.

Sad Girl,
Please please just try.
There IS a life worth living,
You don't need to cry.

Sad Girl,
Someday, there will
Come times where
Life goes downhill.

But Sad Girl,
Pick yourself up,
Get back up
And stand up tall.

Because a Sad Girl
CAN become a
Happy Girl.
If you try.


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