Hetalia Halloween Party!

Ok so this is my first quiz off of memegen.net, so if I didn't do this right; you know why. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Yay Halloween!!

Name: HetaliaRussia
It's Halloween! How do you feel?: Excited ^^ yea!!
So, Iceland invited you to the party thanks ya ^^
Who's house is it held at?: Sweden's Ok sounds fine by me
Who arrives first?: Spain
What do they come as?: A glow in the dark skeleton! cool
Who was late? (Made you wait a long time.. Grr): England dont be late next time
What do THEY come as?: A quite realistic ghost...
What did you decide to come as?: A quite realitic ghost... copycat
To start off, a gory horror movie!: Yay!!!! ^^
Who gets to choose the movie?: England why does the copycat get to choose...
Who sat to your right?: Hungary sup
Who sat to your left?: Romano oh boy...
What horror was it?: Friday The 13th hehe
Norway was cowering in the corner XD
Romano almost wet himself (oh no!!) get the hell off the couch, you baka!
Denmark fell asleep ima drawin' mustaches
Food time! You get up and go straight for the chips!
It's game time! this better be good...
Romano chooses truth or dare (you have no choice :P)
In the end, America
Dared Hungary to go to the 'haunted' attic
They took you and Japan with them ok
You 3 end up: having Gilbird quickly fly past and scare the heck out of you guys! damn you, gilbird!
It's getting late, and you all still need to party!: Party!!!! of course party!!
Russia gets drunk lol why does this not surprise me? XD
Japan was the DJ really?
England asks you to dance with them ok sure, whatevs
Suddenly, the lights go off!: You feel someone tightly hold onto you
Then the light came back on, but America was missing! oh no! D:
You all split up and look around the house: You find them in a spare room, tied up, looking motionless D:
You all crowd around them: They suddenly broke out and tried to attack you baka...
They grab hold of you: and hold you extremely tight while giggling
Feeling annoyed, you look at the time: It's 1 am so everyone decided it would be best for you all to set up the sleeping bags. :\ ok
Who asks to sleep next to you?: Spain :)
Who wants to sleep on the other side of you?: Russia :3
...: because everyone was scared, they were all fighting all over the furthest place from a window or door.

That seemed pretty fun.


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