Stranded With Big Time Rush

Stranded With Big Time Rush

And I'm back, with a new story!!! :P.
Hope you all like it!

Chapter 1

The Four Stooges.

There should be far worst situations that give people headaches, but for me, there's nothing worst then sitting back stage and listening to ten thousand girls screaming at the top of their lungs.

Well, there was something worst and that sound I was going to hear basically all night long later this evening.

Four hyper, pumped up on adrenaline young adult boys staying up later then they should be because they are either bickering, playing video games or laughing at the random stupid things they do to each other.

Sadly, that's what you get when you pair up four guys into a boy band(Two twenty-three year olds, one twenty-two year old and one twenty one year old)and have them perform together, cooped on the same bus together and basically living together all the time.

My name is Lauren, I am the new manager for the popular boy band Big Time Rush.

When I say boy, I mean these guys act like a bunch of five year olds kind of boy, not the hot, mature guys you think they are.

Why am I acting like I'm so bitter towards them?

Truth is, I'm not, in fact, I love them all, they are just the ones that are bitter towards me.

If it wasn't for my uncle dying in that car accident three months ago, there tour would have been over by now and I would not be their manager, the manager that they act like they dislike with everything they've got.

It's not like I really wanted this job anyways, but what choice did I have?

My uncle told me with his dying that he wanted me to take over his place and keep the band going, not to let any one else get a hold of them for they'd ruin everything the band was about and my family, his brothers, sisters, other relatives would have done nothing because they don't give a crap about the band at all, they never cared for my uncle or anything in his life at all like I did.

Yes, sadly I was in that car accident too, all too vividly did I remember the blood on my uncle's face, the gash on his forehead from where his head made contact with the steering wheel, the smell of gasoline giving me a headache and my uncle dying before the paramedics could make it to us, yet all he cared was that I got out OK and kept his dream going.

I remember crying out for him, screaming at the top of my lungs as they had put me on a gurney and rushed me into the hospital.

They said I was crying so hard and shaking so badly that they thought I was going to have a heart attack, that I could not process the thought of my uncle being dead.

Now three months later and I was handling the grief better then most people, except that I felt any minute now he could walk into the door, smile at me and tell me how to control these hyper maniacs, so maybe I wasn't completely over the grief part yet..

Kendall bounded into the room, his shaggy blond hair stuck to his head and beads of sweat lined his face.

Being on stage in those hot, bright lights doing all those dance steps, cart wheels and back flips could really wear a guy out, but that did not stop them from giving up, they did everything they could to make their fans happy.

Just thinking about the overly obsessed fan freaking out over catching Kendall Schmidt's sweat towel though made me roll my eyes.

I use to be like, five years ago I swore I was going to marry Joe Jonas and now look, I'm stuck baby sitting these four guys.

I watched as Kendall picked up a bottle of water, twisted off the lid and poured the entire bottle over his head, shaking his head like a dog and spraying me in the process.

I would have responded, but thankfully someone else had taken care of that for me.

"Whoa, Ken-dawg! Keep that mane under control!" Logan replied, laughing as he walked in.

On his tail were Carlos and James, whom like Kendall were hot, sweaty and dying of thirst.

James smiled at me, brushing the hair that clung to his head out of his eyes.

OK, so maybe the other three were sometimes mean and often picked on me harshly, but James like my best friend, considering he was the only that ever talked to me and even cared about what was going on in my life.

I could tell he wanted to talk to me about something, but that moment was ruined when Kendall decided to belt out: "ELEVATE A LITTLE HIGHER!" at the top of his lungs, followed by Carlos and Logan yelling: "IF YOU WANNA PARTY!"

James averted his deep brown eyes to the noise that rudely interrupted our talk that never happened in the first place and stared at the other guys annoyed.

I could not blame him though, that was perfect way to waste ones breath.

"Knock it off, will ya?" James asked, smacking Carlos on the back of his head and causing him to choke on his water.

"Ah, come on James, chillax man! We're just having some fun!" Kendall replied, lightly punching his arm.

I could see the look in Kendall's emerald green eyes, he was taunting James, trying to start up a fight between that would only end up..

Oh gosh, I had to put a stop to this.

Clearing my throat, they all four turned to look at me.

Now I had their undivided attentions, great.

"I kind of have to agree with James, guys. Can you please tone it down just a little bit? I know you're all excited, but I have a nasty headache.."

They looked at each other with blank, confused looks on their faces and that's when Logan smiled slyly at me.

Oh, this can't be good..

"Aww, does poor little Lorlor have a headache?" he asked in a baby voice, making his lower lip pucker out in a pout.

My face flushed red as Carlos and Kendall grinned and James merely shook his head.

This was the teasing I was talking about, their bitter acts towards me.

"Come on Logan, just leave her alone." James tried, but Logan simply ignored him.

There was this sort of mischievous glow in his eyes, something that scared me like you would not believe.

"I know the perfect way to get rid of it!" he exclaimed, grabbing me around my waist, throwing me over his shoulder and taking off out of the room, leaving me hanging there helpless and flustered.

I knew he had something stupid planned, but this was the absolute dumbest thing he has ever done to me all summer!

I watched as both Carlos' and Kendall's jaws dropped open before being shoved out of the way by James, who made a mad dash after Logan and I.

"Logan, stop it, now!"

"In your dreams!"

I merely just sat there, hanging over Logan's shoulder as James raced close behind us.

Was I embarrassed?

Oh, heck yes, I mean here was the guys of BTR fighting over me like I was some toy or something as their summer tour crew worked on tearing down the stage and watched us with amused or confused looks on their faces.

By now, they were use to the guys crazy shenanigans and how I was dragged into it every single time.

"Logan, put her down this instant!"

Almost as immediately as those words had left James lips, Logan skidded to a stop, sat me back on the ground before he took off running again.

About time!

I was about to start-

A force stronger then I had plowed into me, knocking me to the ground as the force placed his hand behind my head to keep it from hitting the hard concrete.

A few seconds later, I was pinned to the ground, forced to stare into the hauntingly beautiful eyes of James Maslow.

He was breathing heavily above me, out of breath form his cruel work out.

Not that I'd ever admit this to him, but I enjoyed how close his body was to mine and how he held his hand securely on the back of my head as he'd done since before I had fallen.

"Are you OK?" he asked, not taking his knee weakening eyes off of mine.

Swallowing hard, I nodded slowly.

I was insanely nervous right now, I mean he was close enough to my face that if we wanted to, we could have kissed and I had no doubt that it be perfect, because every girl that has ever kissed James admitted themselves that he was a really good kisser.

"Creep!" I thought to myself, mentally rolling my eyes.

This almost perfect moment was ruined by the sound of Logan's laughter instantly filling the quiet area.

"Oh, this is such perfect black mail right here!"

James looked up immediately as I rolled onto my side to see what Logan was talking about.

Standing there with the biggest smirk ever on his face was Logan holding a video camera, filming James and my close-to-face moment.

"The past two months, these guys have been like puppy dogs in love! I've caught them flirting when they thought no one could hear and making out where they thought no one would ever find them. In fact, James has got news to all the Maslow's out there, James is happily engaged to this wonderful woman laying on the floor right beneath him, that's how much he has been hiding from all of you!"

My face flushed red as anger and embarrassment took over my fillings from before.

No one this little pip squeak was lying out his teeth on camera right now, none of these things were true what-so-ever!

OK, I'll admit, James has complimented my appearance before, but that was once and you could hardly consider that flirting, right?

I looked up at James, his face was flushed red as well and I could see the anger in his eyes, which pretty much resembled how I was feeling at that moment.

"Logan, shut off the camera. Now."

By now, James had stood up and was holding out his hand for the camera.

Logan closed the flap, a smug look on his face.


James had extended his hand, walking slowly towards Logan.

"Now hand it over..."

"Why should I? You know-"

That's when Logan lowered his guard, he knew if he got if he got Logan to start talking he'd be able to get the camera.

James lunged for it, causing Logan to jump and drop the camera, it shattered when it hit the hard concrete ground.

My jaw dropped open as Logan looked at a sheepish James with a ticked off glare on his face.

"You jerk, my mom had given me that!"

James shrugged, a small smile spreading across his face.

Logan rolled his eyes, grumbling something about a new camera as he brushed past me.

Once he was out of earshot, James smile had widened into a sly, evil little grin.

"He forgot his SD card, classic!"

I smiled weakly, as he helped me stand up on my feet.

After that, it had gotten uncomfortably silent as we nervously looked at the ground, avoiding each others eyes in the process.

Did Logan really have that impression of us?

If so, why hasn't no one brought it up before?

I could have stopped it before it got to far..

"James, do you like me?" I asked, looking up at him.

He cocked his head, slightly puzzled by my question.

"We all like you, Lauren.."

I scoffed slightly, rolling my eyes.

So not what I meant, but the answer to his response was no, they did not ALL like me.

"Not that kind of like, James. I mean do you 'love me, love me' kind of like?"

His eyes lit up like a firework as a grin spread across his face, lighting it up in the process.

"Well, it took you long enough. What finally gave it away?"

My heart started racing with joy, but at the same time it sank with regret.

I'd have to ruin the beautiful smile on his face, the bright light in his eyes.

I'd have to break his heart.

"James, I can't date you."

What did I tell you?

Almost as instantly as I had said it, the smile faded off of his handsome face.

"Why? Is it because I'm all sweaty right now? Do I have something in my teeth?" Do I-"

He could have gone on forever, but my laughing had stopped him.

"It's not because of your looks, James. I think you're perfect! But keep in mind, I am your manager.. A relationship with one of the talents would not work."

A look of hurt had crossed James' face.

"Is this all I am to you? Just some stupid talent that makes you money?" he asked, backing slowly away from me.

Gosh, I did not want to come across like that, I just wanted to give him an example, a reason why we could not date.

"James, you know you are more then that to me. Look, a relationship between us would never work. I just want to continue to be your friend, because that's all will ever be." I finished.

He bit his lower lip, looking away from me.

"Fine, if that's how you feel, I guess will just be friends."

The way he said friends, it almost sounded as if he had added a bitter tone to it.


Fixing his jacket, he brushed past me, the feeling of regret filled my entire chest as I watched him leave.

It's not like I wanted to break his heart, but what choice did I have?

If we had become a couple, it would have most likely ended badly between the both of us, which would jeopardize the whole band and I could not let that happen, it would totally crush my uncle's dream.

Later that night, I laid in my bed inside of my house, some place I haven't been in a long, long, long time and instead of sleeping, I just stared at the ceiling and thought long and hard about the whole thing that went down between James and I.

Somehow, I had to make this up to him, to all of them.

Question is, how?

Groaning, I rolled over in my bed and stared at my cat sleeping on my night stand next to my little LED alarm clock which was blinking two AM in the morning.

Just think, in Italy right now it's day time, the silly little award show we were invited to was in five days and we'd probably would never get to go.

Then it had hit me, like a two gallon bucket of cold water, jolting me out of my bed.

Maybe that was how I'd make it up to them, an all expense paid trip to Italy, an award show where they'd most likely win numerous little trophies and trinkets for their collector shelf.

Yes, that's how I'll win them over, then they'd all love me because then their little boy band would be off the charts and elevating to super stardom.

I smiled to myself, laying down in my bed and relaxing my tensed muscles.

Tomorrow I'll show them, I'm the coolest manager eve, even cooler then my uncle.

I'll win them over for sure.


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