Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 3

Vi's Dirty Little Secret

by: Hyouka
I didn't mean it. I really didn't.

I gazed across the living room, at the awful sickening pictures that touched my eyes, at the dark red substance that now splattered itself across my shirt. Jacob huddled in the corner, his light brown hair matted and sticky with the same stuff. But the now wet knife I held in my hand and the bloodied figure on the floor in front of me were what really brought me back into reality.

My entire life, I'd had these visions. People hurting me. Being eaten. But when the rages came over me, anger was all I felt. I had always been able to control it.

But not now.

"He didn't do anything." I heard Jacob whimper from his spot. "Dad loved you, Vi. How could you?"

"Shut up!" I turned quickly, yeilding the knife still. I was small. I semeed weak. But if only they knew, if only if only, they would avoid me. "You can't tell anyone Jacob, do you hear?"

"I have to!"

"No you don't. I'll be sent to prison, and then where would you be?"

There a silence for a moment, and then he sighed. "Gone."

"That's right."

We stood in silence, as the entire reality of what had happened swept over me like a wave.

Because I knew now. I knew that when I walked into school the next day, people would stare at me the same way as they always did. With disgust. Or the silent question, "Aren't you supposed to be in the elementary buildings?" But now, no matter how normal they acted, I was scarred for life. I would never be able to forget this.

And despite the normality of the next day, I knew that never again would I feel the same.

Because I had done something terrible.

I had a dirty little secret.

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