Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 4

Lena's Secret

I hate silence.

Silence gives me time to think, time to miss, time to reflect on that horrible, horrible mistake I've made. That horrible mistake that I'm still making. But I don't stop moving, don't let myself be still long enough for silence to take hold.I go to track meets, I play soccer, I'm in Student Council, I talk to my friends, I stress over math tests, but I can't afford to stop and think about what truly bothers me.

In the silence, I hear my twin sister scream. I hear my mother crying and my father reassure her, but I've always known it was false. I hear Marcy yelling, getting in trouble once again. I hear my father threaten me and give me an impossible choice, my life or my sister's. If I close my eyes, I see Ashlee being taken, my mother, blank and unreachable, and Marcy's hand on the fire alarm. Most of all, I see my father smirking as I told him what I've found.

So I keep my eyes open, my ears listening, and I never pause. I can't afford to do anything else, or I know I'll break down.

Two years ago, my twin sister Ashlee went missing. She was taken by our father. I know where she is. But if I tell anyone, or even plan to, I'll be taken and killed.

My name is Lena Garrings and I am a coward.

A/N:Haha, first chapters are always really short. Anyways, I hope you like it :D Please comment and rate!

Annemarie :)

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