Hungary X Prussia

Hungary X Prussia

hey peoples! I know it is over due so I REALLY REEAALLY hope you will still love it! Thank you so much for waiting!!!

I dont own hetalia

Chapter 1

love you, love me

Ever scince I had admitted to prussia he had been like a large, annoying, blonde, puppy. He never left my side. Some day in early July he asked me on a date and the day we left on the boat I had no Idea if prussia could actually drive a boat or not. The answer was no. He crashed us on the rocks only a few feet away from shore. Once we made it to the beach,alive at that,he flung me over his shoulder and started running down a path leading only he knew where with me screaming in his ear all the way to a two story, white house with lacy curtians. PUT ME DOWN!!! I screached into his ears. "No". wispered into my ear. With one hand he opened the door and the other stayed around my waist holding me in place on his shoulder. He carried me down a hallway,up to either his or my bedroom. He sliped me off his shoulder down onto the bed and his face fell and turned maroon. For some reason he had started to hyperventilate as he sat down on the bed. "Prussia?" I asked,I was so worried about him. He stopped breathing altogether and was turning blue. " prussia Do I need to give you CPR?" I was afraid I would have to if he did not start breathing again. I pushed him onto his back, blushing crazily. It felt wrong. I was suddenly being pulled down and flipped over. On the bed. "P-P-Prussia?!?" I stammered. "What are y-you doing?" He grined widley and his face came closer to mine." This." He wispered. He pressed his lips to mine and rolled us onto our sides his hands entangaling in my hair. I was stunned but that did not stop me from kissing him back. It was... my fist kiss.

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