From The Beginning (Harry Styles Love Story)

Chapter 1

Part 1 of Chapter 1

No strength was in my body. I felt weak. I didn't feel like myself; strong, powerful, and individual. This was a new feeling. A feeling a fear - no that wasn't it - scared? No. Nervous? I'm not sure. Anxious? Maybe.

I pushed open the doors of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School in Cheshire. I walked in hoping to go unnoticed but that didn't happen. I felt my face redden, everyone looking my way. I heard the chatter of British accents of the other students surrounding me. But then I realized something; they weren't looking at me. Someone behind me had drawn their attention away. Suddenly I felt strong again, the entire weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I didn't need to worry about making an awkward entrance into a new school that was in a totally different country. Finally I had the courage to turn around and see who was attracting the attention.

A group of girls were surrounding the person. I could tell just from this that whoever that was, they were not new, just popular. This gave me a warning to stay away from this person. I looked slightly above the group of girls and I saw short curly locks, telling me it was a boy or a girl with rather short hair. Any girl that I know would never cut their hair that undersized unless they had straight hair. I decided that this attention-grabbing person was definitely a boy.

After just standing there trying to figure out what was going on, I heard the bell. The girls slowly made their way away from the boy and the crowd thinned out until it was the boy and I. This time I got a clear view of him. His dark brown curly hair and bright green surely were the reason for all of the girls. Honestly he was very attractive. I couldn't blame those girls for liking him so much. But someone like him was probably a jerk. A jerk and the only one near to ask how to get to my first class. But he noticed me before I had the chance.

"Hello love. I haven't seen you around." He smiled. Fake. What a disguise. It wouldn't work for me. I wouldn't fall for it.

"Um, yeah. I am new." I stuttered.

"Ah. Okay. Did you move here from the states?" He asked.

"Yeah. Accent, right?" I laughed.

"Ha-ha. Yeah." He chuckled. "I'm sorry. I'm Harry Styles. And you are?"

Harry Styles. Hmm. Cute. "Oh. I'm Mia Anderson." I answered.

"Well it's lovely to meet you Mia." He said. Why can't British boys be ugly? I thought.

"Do you know where French is?" I asked.

"With Mrs. Belrose?" Harry asked.

"Um," I looked down at my schedule. "Yes."

"Then yes I do." He smiled. "I'm actually headed there myself."

"Oh okay." I responded. I quietly followed him up the stairs to the third floor of the school. Well he seems nice, I thought. But it's probably an act. Someone like him would never be nice to someone like me.

"Here we are," Harry said as he stopped in front of a classroom. He pulled the door open and stepped in. I did the same and stood right next to him. As we walked every head of every student in the classroom turned towards us. The room was suddenly filled with "Hey!" and "Harry!" and "Whose that girl with Harry? I've never seen her before."

"Silence!" Mrs. Belrose shouted. "Mr. Styles why are you late? And who are you with?"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Belrose. I was helping Mia find her way to her next class, which is here. By the way this is Mia Anderson. She is new." Harry stated.

"Ah. Bonjour Mia. Welcome. Do you know any French?" Mrs. Belrose asked.

"Oui. J'ai francais a mon autre ecole." I spoke, watching the eyes of my classmate bulge out.

"Ah. Oui. Tu parles tres bien." The teacher said, surprised. "Well, please take a seat Mrs. Anderson, there's an empty seat next to Mr. Styles." I nodded and followed Harry to the back of the room where two empty seats stood. Harry sat in one and I sat in the last empty seat in the classroom.

French went by rather quickly, especially since everything we were doing was a review for me. Also Harry seemed to not be paying too much attention either. "So where in America did you live?" He whispered leaning over, closer to me.

"I moved here from Chicago," I whispered back. I turned my head towards him so we were face to face. I looked in his eyes as they widen when I had answered. Wow. His eyes were seriously green, like emeralds. I smiled at my clever metaphor.

"Wow. That's far and so different than Cheshire." He presumed still holding eye contact.

"Yeah. It is quite different. But I'm sure I will get used to it soon enough," I thought.

"I'm sure you will," Harry smiled. "By the way you have really pretty eyes. I have never seen any so blue before."

I blushed and looked away, now regarding the front of the room. I couldn't keep a smile from stretching across my face. He is nice. But I can't break just yet. I still don't completely trust him, my mind wandered.

The bell rang and class was dismissed. "What is your next class?" Harry asked.

"I have," I paused searching my agenda, "science." I looked up at him and I realized that he was significantly taller than me, by at least five or six inches.

"Perfect. That's where I am headed as well." He smiled, now guiding me down a flight of stairs and across to the other side of the building.

"Good morning Mr. Styles. How are you today?" the science teacher asked.

"I'm doing fine and you?" Harry responded.

"Good thank you." The man replied. "Hello, I am Mr. Daley. You must me Amelia Anderson?"

"Yes. Please call me Mia," I stated.

"Sure thing Mia," Mr. Daley smiled. Again, I sat next to Harry and the period went pretty smoothly. I introduced myself to my peers and listened to the lesson. Finally the bell rang.

My next classes were Music, Math, and English – I also had these classes with Harry. After English we had a break for lunch.

"Would you like to sit with me at lunch, Mia?" Harry asked. "I could introduce you to some of my friends."

Seems like you have more than just "some" friends. I almost said. "Uh sure," I responded. Honestly, I didn't want to get involved with his business or meet his friends because for all I knew they were going to be jerks and hate me. But I didn't protest. He has to know at least one person who isn't going to be a blockhead. At first I was puzzled, Harry was leading me outside; then I got the memo that the cafeteria was outside. Although I did see a sign for a lunchroom inside also, which was interesting.

"Yeah we have an outdoor cafe and an indoor one too," Harry turned and looked at me almost reading my mind. I just nodded. My eyes really never left the ground but when they did I could see where we would be sitting.

A group of guys looked over and waved for Harry to come over. "Hey!" Harry smiled. "Guys this is Mia Anderson, this is her first day here. Mia this is Haydn Morris," He pointed to the guy with long blonde hair. "And this is Nick Clough," Harry next pointed to a guy with bleach blonde hair, "And this is Will Sweeny." Finally he gestured towards a boy with dark brown hair.

"Hi," Haydn, Nick, and Will welcomed in unison.

"Hey," I smiled and waved.

"Oh yeah and all four of us are in a band called White Eskimo," Harry gloated with a huge smile spread across his face.

"Oh nice," I smiled back. Hmm. He's in a band. Nice. "So are you lead guitar, bass, drums, or lead vocal?" I asked.

"Lead vocal," Harry beamed.

"Wow. You must be a really good singer then," I grinned, genuinely surprised.

"I don’t know, not that good," He replied modestly.

"Um, yeah he is," Will interrupted. "He is just being humble in front of the pretty lady." He smiled. I smiled back but shyly blushed.

"Shut up Will," Harry punched, he was blushing also. "Come on let's eat. I'm starving." Harry sat down and I sat next to him. Lunch also went by relatively quickly. We talked a lot about music and they found out that I was in a band back in Chicago. Then they were all begging me – mostly Harry – to sing for them. Of course I refused, but eventually I lost the battle and I squeaked out a couple notes, Harry seemed very impressed. Ultimately lunch had to end and I was off to my last couple classes – Physical Education, History, and Geography, which again I had with Harry. So by the end of the day, I realized that every single one of my classes were with Harry Styles. Yet, I still couldn't figure out if I was happy with that fact or not.

It's not that Harry wasn't nice, he was, and actually for being the new student he was extremely nice. Especially since not a single girl the whole entire day talked to me – expect one girl, her name was Rosalie, said hi to me from across the hallway. I wouldn't count that; all of the other girls gave me dirty looks throughout the day.

Every class was the same as the last. Walking in awkwardly, Harry politely introduced me to the teacher and the entire class, my classmates would easily recognize where I was from because of my unalike accent, and then leaving without making a new friend. But I was happy that the first – and hardest – day was over with. Maybe it wasn't the best to come on a Friday but I walked out of school hoping Monday would be easier.

I was walking out to the parking lot trying to find my mom. "Hey Mia, are you doing anything tonight?" Harry paused. I stopped also, now looking up at him.

"Um, well, no." I laughed. Obviously, I don't have anything. Hello? New girl, no friends except a curly-haired boy that I wouldn't even really consider a friend.

"Ha-ha. Ok, good," He smiled, "because there's a new pizza place that just opened downtown and I've been wanting to go. So would you like to come?"

Hmm. I guess I could go. It might be fun. But he will probably be with his friends so it might not. "Um, sure. Who’s going?" I asked.

"Well, I asked Will, Nick, and Haydn but they have football practice so they can't go," Harry replied.

"Oh. So just you and me." I wasn’t asking. You don't ask when you already know the answer.

"Uh, yeah. I mean if that's okay with you," He stuttered.

Was it fine with me? I guess it was. Harry was nice and cute and he had been really sweet the whole day so, why not? "Yeah, it's totally fine," I said, trying not to sound desperate.

"Okay, great!" Harry beamed. "I’ll pick you up at six. Wait can I have your number and address?"

"Sure," I said, we exchanged numbers and I gave him my address.

"Thanks. I'll see you later," Harry said with a smile that displayed his dimples. I think he was going to hug me but he ended up just smiling even bigger and giving a charming little wave.

I smiled and waved back and then started walking the opposite way, where I spotted my mom's black BMW. I passed many other students on the way; most of them, shockingly, smiled, but of course there were a handful that gave me cloudy glances. It was nothing to take personally, I was the new girl and I had to accept that.

"Hi sweetie," my mom welcomed as I got in the car, "how was school?"

Well, I met this really cute guy named Harry Styles. And basically he is the only friend I made, but I wouldn't really consider him a friend because he is probably going to be a jerk to me. Oh yeah and he asked me if I wanted to go out for pizza with him and his friends but his friends can't go so it's just going to be me and him. "It was fine." I stated bluntly.

"Did you make any new friends?" she asked.

"I met this one guy who is in all of my classes," that was all I said.

"Is he nice? What's his name?" my mom wondered.

"His name is Harry Styles. And I guess so. Me and him are going out for pizza tonight," I replied.

"Oh. So he is cute then?" my mom smirked.

"Mom." I whined.

"I'm sorry sweetie. I won't get involved in your personal life," she turned towards me with a grin. My mom was the kind to get involved and be nosy, which was always a negative. I hated when she got into my private life. I wasn't super close with either of my parents but I did love them to death. I just didn't like telling them things. I kept my private life, private.

I only lived about ten minutes away from school, which was nice. I wasn't in the car long with my mom, so things couldn't get too awkward. That didn't give her that much time to get all up in my business. I couldn't wait until I got my drivers license, then I wouldn't have to be driven to school by my mom everyday.

"Hey sis," my 18-year-old brother, Will, greeted when I walked through the door. He was the youngest of my three older brothers: Sam is 24, Ben is 21, then Will.

"Hey. How was your day at high school?" I asked. Will was a senior at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

"It was fine. And you?" He asked.

"It was okay," I answered.

"Make any new friends?" Will questioned.

"Just this one guy named Harry Styles," I said.

"Oh." Will smiled and I knew what he was thinking.

"No." I said. But added, "But we are going out for pizza tonight."

"Ah. I see," he winked.

"And you? Did you make any friends?" I asked.

"Yeah actually I did. A couple guys: Jake, Ryan, Matt, and Tom," He grinned.

"Of course you did," I rolled my eyes. My brother had always been better at making friends than I was ever.

"Oh come on. You made more than just one friends," Will reassured.

"Nope. I met Harry's friends Will, Nick, and Haydn but that's it," I said with a blank stare.

"See," He affirmed.

"Hey Mia! Who's Harry? Is he cute?" my 13-year-old sister threw out.

"Chloe. You’re thirteen, don't worry about boys," I smiled.

"Ugh. You're just like mom," Chloe whined.

"Yeah because mom told me the same thing when I was your age." I replied.

"Whatever," Chloe rolled her eyes as I just laughed. I always had fun annoying my little sister especially since it didn't work on my brothers most of the time.

My dad didn't get home from work until 6:30, so I wouldn't see him until I got back from hanging with Harry tonight. I went upstairs to my room to figure out what I was going to wear. I checked my phone; I had a new text from Melanie. Melanie was my best friend back in Chicago. The text said,

Hey! How's England? Cute boys? Got a date tonight? Everyone over here misses you so much! Wish you were here! And Mike asked me to Homecoming!! ☺

I smiled as I read the text. I knew she would ask about boys and not about school. I responded to her text:

Ha-ha. England is okay. Lots of British people; I kind of feel out of place. And no. I met this guy named Harry Styles and he is really nice but I don't think he is really my type. He seems popular. And he is in a band with three of his friends and they seem nice. I have every class with him! He is cute, he has curly brown hair and dimples and really pretty green eyes. And he said I have pretty eyes. And we are going out for pizza tonight. And I knew he would! ☺

I loved having a friend that I could tell everything to. Someone who keeps all of your secrets, even the most embarrassing ones, who you can be yourself around, and they won't judge you. I was hoping to make another friend like that here but so far it's not looking good.

I looked through my closet trying to find something to wear. Right now I was wearing a dark blue blouse and jean shorts. I figured I could find something that wasn't so ordinary to wear.

After about ten minutes of searching I finally found something. I put it on and looked in the mirror; pink jean shorts, a navy and white striped t-shirt, a "love" necklace, and white Toms. I sprayed on my favorite perfume, "Alien" by Thierry Mugler and checked the time on my phone, 5:50 pm, the time went by really fast. I took one last look in the mirror, my hair. A bun was NOT going to work so I took in down and in my favor my curls were not crazy today. I put in some hair spray and lip-gloss, grabbed my purse and walked down stairs.

"How do I look?" I asked Will.

"You like great, Mia." Will smiled; he had always been my favorite brother. "When are you leaving?"

"Harry is picking me up in about five minutes," I stated.

"Nice, where are you going again?" he asked.

"Some pizza place downtown, Harry said it just opened up.” I responded.

"Cool. If he is mean to you tell me and I'll go beat him up for you, 'kay?" Will offered.

"Sure, whatever." I rolled my eyes just as the doorbell rang. "I got!" I ran over to the door and opened it and there was Harry. I was relieved to see that he wasn't dressed up. I was scared that I was going to be overdressed.

"Hey Mia," Harry smiled as he looked up at my brother.

"Hey. This is my brother Will," I introduced. Just then my sister and mom came down, "And this is my mom, Rose, and this is my sister Chloe."

"Hello Mrs. Anderson, I'm Harry Styles. It's lovely to meet you," Harry smiled. I was so happy that he was polite otherwise my mom would flip.

"It's nice to meet you to Harry," my mom smiled, shaking his hand.

"Hi there! I'm-"

"-Chloe. Stop being annoying," I interrupted. Harry just laughed.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Yeah!" I smiled. "Bye." I waved to my family as I walked out of the front door.

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