From The Beginning (Harry Styles Love Story)

Chapter 2

Part 2 of Chapter 1

I followed Harry out to his Range Rover. He politely opened the door for me and I got in the vehicle. Harry walked around the other side and got it the driver's seat.

"How are you, Mia?" Harry asked once he pulled out of my driveway.

"I'm doing fine and you, Harry?" I smiled.

"I'm great actually," He grinned displaying his dimples. His green eyes glistened in glint of the pinky-orange sunset that drifted behind us as we drove downtown. I felt lucky to meet someone like him. He was so sweet and considering all of the other kids glared at me throughout the day, it felt nice to have someone look at you with such affection.

"It smells really good," Harry smiled. "Are you wearing 'Alien'"?

"Yeah! How'd you know?" I giggled.

"Thats my favorite perfume!" I laughed with him. I was lucky. Very, very lucky.

The car slowed to a stop in a parking space which indicated that we had arrived. "Here we are, love." Harry smiled stepping out of the car. I did the same and walked around to meet him near the entrance.

We walked inside the restaurant and I felt comfortable. It was casual, very casual. This was nice. I wasn't quite at rest with this new town to be going somewhere rather elaborate. It deemed more at home, going to a pizza place. Harry and I sat down at a two person table that was pushed up against the front window on the second floor. Our view was of the sunset that span over the lake, which was across the street.

Just as we sat down, a waiter came to take our order. "Hello, what can I get for you guys today?" The waiter asked in a thick Irish accent. It surprised me to hear an Irish accent in England but I kept my thought on the down-low when I realized this was not an unusual occurrence.

"What would you like, Mia?" Harry directed.

"Um, I'll have a diet coke please," I answered.

"Okay, one diet coke and one regular coke please." Harry replied to the waiter. "And what kind of pizza?" Harry directed towards me again.

"Is pepperoni and mozzarella good?" I asked. That was my favorite kind of pizza.

"Sure! That's my favorite!" Harry smiled. Now looking at the waiter again he said, "And we take a large pepperoni and mozzarella pizza."

"Okay. That will be coming right up," The waiter acknowledged, turning and walking away.

"You really like pepperoni and mozzarella?" Harry asked, I could her the awe in his voice.

"Yes!" I beamed, "That's my favorite kind!"

"Me too!" He glowed back at me. "So what do you like to do Mia?"

I looked up at the ceiling, smiling at his heedless question. "Well, I love music. And softball and volleyball. Basically sports in general." I simpered. "And you? What do you like to do, Harry?"

"Music is a big part of my life also. I like football. With my knowledge of the game, I should be a lot better than I am." Harry chuckled.

"Ha-ha. I'm not very good at football either. I used to play. And now I am, well, rubbish, as you would say!" I laughed at my clever usage of the unfamiliar word.

"Rubbish, huh? Only been here one day and you are already caught up on the British slang." Harry grinned. I couldn't help but laugh and then hold it back when the reality of my annoying burst hit me. "You have a cute laugh." Harry complimented.

"Oh, thanks." I blushed. "I don't really like it." I then stated with rosy cheeks.

"Well, I think its adorable." He commended with a if-that-means-anything-to-you face. And it did mean something. Even though I didn't want it to, it did. His inadequate praise made me bubble over with bliss.

Just then, something inside of me started to hurt. But it was not a painful-hurt. I couldn't put it in words, into sentences. The term, lust, was on my tongue but I couldn't feel that strongly. Couldn't have such a longing towards any one thing. My thoughts bewildered me, I have never conceived such peculiar speculations.

"Here you are," My thoughts were interrupted by the same abundant Irish accent that i recognized as our waiters. I looked up to find two dark-colored drinks and a massive pizza topped with oblique slices of pepperoni.

My bright blue eyes met the gaze of Harry's emerald pupils. Again, a smile spread across his face and his dimples were modeled on either side of his smirk. One more time I said to myself, You're lucky. Very lucky.

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