Fallen Fangs

The shockingly true story of the historic vampire war around NYC.

Not actually true

Chapter 1

Jared Rowe- Major

by: Mikey_
I whirled around and stabbed my assailant in the leg, faster than he would be able to dodge. He was stronger than me, but I was faster. Of course. I would always be faster then... them.
The man fell to his knees. He was the last one of the group that had ambushed us, the rest of my squad had finished fighting. The man looked up at me, blue eyes filled with pain and terror. "Please... No..."
I crossed my knives, each two feet long by human measure, and placed them on his throat.
"No no no no no..." the man was mumbling. He closed his eyes. "Please, no."
I drew my knives apart, and walked away, as the body fell. Where it would stay. No funerals for the Animo.
My squad quickly followed me. We were on patrol, there could be more attacks. We had to keep moving.
"Jared! Jared!" someone called to me. I didn't turn.
"What was that?" I asked, pushing my blades back into my sheathes that we're hidden under my trench coat. I pushed my blonde hair out of my eyes.
The girl behind me sighed. "Major Rowe!"
I turned. "Yes, Ailysh?"
She handed me a quiver full of arrows and a bow. "You dropped these, sir."
I took them, and slung them over my back. I proffered fighting with my knives, but sometimes I had to do ranged fighting too. So, the bow was useful.
"I'm your superior, Ailysh. In the field, only refer to me as 'Sir' or 'Major'."
She nodded. "Yes sir."
I turned around and kept walking. "Keep your eyes out for any of the Animo-Åœtelistoj, guys. Who does this land belong to?"
I smiled. They were loyal. It was good. We would keep those scumbags, the Animo-Åœtelistoj, off our land. And take some of theirs while we were at it.
I should probably explain. This was war. War between two clams of vampires, the ones around the New York City district. There were thousands of others, but they didn't matter.
We were the Sango-Ĉasisto, the owners of the land west and north of New York. We were fighting the Animo-Ŝtelistoj, from the East and South. A line went straight through the center of new york, north to south, dividing our territories. And we both wanted more.
Why? Because it was New York. There were so many people there, if some went missing from us hunting, no one paid much attention. It was the prime spot for vampires. Of any type, those after blood, like the Sango. Or those after the soul, like the Animo.
Me? I was just a major in the militia of the Sango. It was an organized thing, but it was only a chain of command. Everyone was fairly equal, just some lead squads, some didn't. Some were in charge of squads, some weren't. I was in charge of Squad 7. I was Major Jared Rowe. Probably the fastest man in the militia too. And coolest, and sexiest, and smartest, and-
"Most self-absorbed."
I turned around. It was Iorek. Of course it was Iorek. He had originally been a member of the Menso-Orelo Clan, from Maine. They had the unique ability of reading minds. Each clan had an ability. For example, our's was speed. We could run faster than sound for ten seconds at a time. We were also naturally faster than its vampires at our normal speed, and vampires were naturally twice the speed of humans. One of the more useful things. We were also naturally agile. The Animo? Strength. They were naturally stronger than most vampires, who were normally twice as strong as a human. I proffered our skill, but every clan did. But I had to admit, the best ability was that of the Fero-HaÅ­to. Vampires were normally hard to hurt, a bullet was like a splinter. We had to use enhanced blades to harm each other. But the Fero-HaÅ­to? Their flesh was quite literally harder than iron.
"Iorek, get out of my head, or we'll start running and leave you here." I ordered. He knew it was true, and I could see in his eyes as he pulled out. I turned, and we continued walking the borders.
beebeep My comm signaled me. I pressed the thing embedded in my ear. "Major Rowe reporting."
" Chhk come back into base Jared. You have a new member for your squad."
I sighed. A newb. Someone else to train. "Name?"
" Chhk The file says... Timber Monarch."

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