Fallen Fangs

The shockingly true story of the historic vampire war around NYC.

Not actually true

Chapter 2

Timber Monarch - Member of Squad Seven

by: Hyouka
New York was always a hustling place.

I hated the rushing streets, the heavy air and the horrible stench. But now, when the war was finally rushing to its peak, I knew that New York had never been worse. Two clans, fighting against each other. Two clans, going for blood.

I had been accepted into squad seven of the Sango-Ĉasisto a few days before. It was a strong squad, full of agile and quick soliders, lead by the legendary Jared Rowe.

Jared may have been legendary, but he was infamous. He was said to be extremely arrogant and self-centered. The squad was powerful, though, and had killed more soliders than many of the others combined, so obviously Jared was worth the bad reputation.

I sat then back at the camp, waiting for the squad to return. The man who had entered me had warned me of Major Rowe, saying that he was not a patient guy and didn't like messing around. I told the man good. I was not one to mess around. He wouldn't be disappointed.

It wasn't twenty minutes before a tall figure appeared at base. I'd never seen Jared Rowe before. He was tall, agile and yet somehow strong in the way he stomped into the camp as if he owned the place. He had long blond hair, and dark eyes that I couldn't tell the color from the distance. He approached, flanked on either side by a squad of other soldiers. Vampires. Just like me.

"What's your name, soldier?" He asked as he reached me. I rose to my feet, unsure of how to respond.

So I stood up straight and said, "Timber Monarch, sir."

"What is your experience level?" He asked. His eyes refused to watch me as he spoke, and they held their position blankly at my forehead.

"I'm trained in arts, sir." I said. "Including the art of swordplay, fencing, knife throwing, and archery." I hesitated, unsure of how to word it, "Along with the use of mandatory weapons such as guns."

He nodded, seemingly satasfied. "Good, soldier. Training should be easy."

"No training required, sir." I insisted. "I should be fine."

There was a pause. "Do you hate the Animo-Åœtelistoj, soldier?"

"Yes." I was pained at the sudden memory of a death. The death of my father and brother, who were once enrolled in the ranks of the Sango. "Killed my family, sir."

He nodded, finally allowing himself to looke me in the eye. "Very well, then."

"One last thing, sir?"

There was eerie silence. The other members of the squad suddenly looked frightened, their faces masked with horror. I had crossed a line.

"Very well." Jared said.

"Call me Timber." I replied. "Soldier is not to my liking."

Horrified silence. The Major squinted me, in a death stare that didn't frighten me in the least.

"You do realize that I can very well kill you, soldier?" He asked slowly.

"It still won't keep me from disobeying." I replied.

There was a look of satasfaction on his face as he stepped back. "Very well." He said.

"Thank you sir."

The other members watched in shock as Jared Rowe grinned at me.

"Come now, Timber." He said. "We have some training to do."

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