An Awesome Series of Hetalian Events

Ok so here's the series I was talking about! Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1


((Ok guys, first off I want to say that I had no ideas for a mystery thriller, so I made this upon request! Enjoy (especially you, Hungary >XD)!))!

Hungary's POV:
"Ugh! That jerk!" I told myself. Once again Prussia had been pestering me. He threw acorns at me and I ignored him until one hit me in the eye. I chased him with my frying pan and whacked him on the head. He lay on the ground, moaning and rubbing his head. I smirked and said "That's what you get, Prussia!"
I left him drooling on the ground and walked to Austria's. He was giving me a piano lesson today in exchange for some cupcakes. I knocked firmly on the door. Austria answered and greeted me with a hello. He was trying to teach me a Beethoven song, but I kept missing the last section. I sighed in annoyance. "Hungary," Austia began. "How about we take a break? I'll make tea and you can start on the cupcakes, okay?"
"Okay. I'll try to remember the notes while it's baking!"

After the cupcakes were done and the tea was made, they ate. Austia made a silent burp through his napkin after he finished the second cupcake. "Those were delicious!" he said.
"Thank you," I said, smiling. "Do you want another?"
"Oh no thank you, I want to stay thin!" he laughed.
"I'll put them on the windowsill," I said.

After Austria was done trying to teach me the song, I sat down to read a book. After a few moments, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A hand kept reaching up and grabbing cupcakes! Prussia! I thought. I tiptoed outside, holding my frying pan. I came up behind him and...

Prussia's POV:
I saw a shadow come up behind me, I had to react fast. "ACK! HUNGARY! Don't hit the awesome me!" I cried.
"Why shouldn't I?" she asked, clearly angry.
"Because there are children in Africa that are starving!"
She lowered her pan. "So why are you eating my cupcakes?"
"Uhhhh... Because I can throw it up...?"
She raised her pan and started hitting me with it "PRUSSIA...YOU...BAKA!!!" she said, hitting me in between each pause. Before she could hit me again, I swiped the fryibg pan out of her hands, threw it as hard as I could, and pulled her down to me. "Prussia?! What are you doing?! Let go of me!!!" she said, her fists beating on my head. "Please stop, I need to tell you something."
She glared at me and said "Let go of me first."
I released her of my grasp and told her "The truth is, the awesome me isn't doing so awesome. My country is dying. And so am I."
Her face was in shock. "B-but we have always been friends! could you've gotten so sick without me knowing?"
"I have been keeping it secret. I don't need other countries to attack me during my darkest times."
"Prussia.....all this time?"
I nodded. "Yes. I don't have that long to live either."
Then, the friend who I've known my entire life, cried. One tear, two. She hugged me and apologized. "Please don't cry......"

Hungary's POV:
How could I have not known! He should've told me! I never truly liked Prussia, but when you know they won't be with you anymore...everything changes. I've never cried. Not once. This time I could not hold it in. Prussia's the only person I've known my entire life, even if he is a baka! I wanted him to feel better so I hugged his arm. He blushed a little and told me not to cry. He started to cough and when he tried to stand up, he fell back down. He was unconscious. I took him in my arms and ran him to his home which wasn't that far away. For a sickly person, you sure are heavy! I thought to myself. Once I got inside, I placed him on his bed and got a towel. I wet the cloth, wrung it out, and laid it on his forehead. I took his temperature. 104.3 F. That was getting really high. I was worried so I made myself tea.

As I sipped the tea, I looked around the room. My eyes landed on a piano. He can play piano? I asked myself. I sat down at the bench and started playing the song Austria was teaching me. After the third mess-up, I felt a hand on my shoulder. "You want me to teach you?" Prussia asked hoarsely.
"You're sick!"
"But my fingers still work," he smiled. I scoot over and let him sit. He wasn't that patient of a teacher as Austria, but he still helped me learn some techniques. By the time I worked out the song, Prussia had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I laughed to myself because he looked dumb while he slept. I carried him back to the bed and sat in the chair once again. I felt his forehead...still feverish. I sighed and closed my eyes. I fell asleep.

Prussia's POV:
I learned to play piano because of all the times I've spied on those two. I smiled to myself when she started playing the notes I had come accustomed to. I listened to her play so much, I had learned something from the lessons as well. Apparently, I catch on quickly. When she made a mistake she'd get frustrated. To me, she made no mistakes. All the notes were beautiful. The music was so peaceful, I fell asleep. I barely remember being lifted back into bed, but I still remember the smile she gave me.

Hungary's POV:
I awoke from my sleep to hear Prussia gasping in pain. He was still asleep. He doesn't get a break, does he? I asked myself. Suddenley, he sat straight up. I was a little surprised. He was holding his chest and he said "Hungary, my time has come..."
"No! That can't be! You should live longer than that! You're not that si--"
He kissed me. I froze. Normally, I wouldv'e hit him for this, but something uncontrollable came over me. I kissed him back. He laid back down. He had taken his last breath to kiss me. I sobbed into his hand. "You baka! Don't leave me!" I beat on his chest. "Why did my friend have to die?!" I screamed. He was the only one who truly knew me. We have been through most everything together, most of them annoying, but we were always friends! I cursed and cried. His hand, wet from my tears. I wiped my eyes, and blew my nose on a tissue. I calmed myself. I had to be strong. For Prussia.



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