30 Day One Direction Challenge! :D

Okay, so i love One Direction! I'm going in for the kill! Ha ha!

Chapter 1

Day 1-How did you discover One Direction?

Well, I first heard of them when they were The Top 30 countdown on a Saturday morning. It’s a show that’s on every Saturday and Sunday morning. Anyway, I was watching it and they came on and honestly, I didn’t like them, not one bit. About 9 months later, they came on again, but with their song More Than This. I then all of a sudden started to realize they were actually fairly good and that Zayn was quite cute. I then started to like them a bit. Then not to long later, I was getting ready to go out on a Saturday to a big shopping centre, they came on again with More Than This and my mum said how much she liked them. We then went on to buy there album that day, and I have had it on repeat ever since, and I also fell in love with them all so much! So, I am now a DIRECTIONER!!!

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