A re-post of a poem

A re-post so yeah read

Chapter 1

Kiss me beneath the milky twilight

The Rusty Handle Digs Into My Palms,
And As I Stare Ahead
The Cold Body Below Me

I Swear It Was An Accident
I Swear I Didn't Mean it
But Now Its Too Late...
I Need To Get Away...Quick,

I Gather My Bloody Blade,
Cleaning It In The Frozen Snow.
Because Of The Crime I Have Done
I Must Go

I Leave The Body Alone
Snowflakes Burying It In The Ice
I Take One Look Around My Childhood World
And I See A Coven Of Mice

They Scuttle Into The Snow Pile
Burrowing Into The Body
A Stab Of Guilt Stings Me
My Name Is Sharlott Scarlotti

Unless You Repost This
These Accidents Will Go On
Think Before You Do
Whether Your A Daughter Or A Son
Sometimes We Do Things We Dont Mean. Just Repost This To Aware Your Fellow Quibblonians To.... THINK BEFORE YOU DO. ORIGINALLY MADE BY lolahip [AKA: DayDays


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