Quests of Turmoil: Book two of the Ivatania's Heroes series

My second book, hopefully will get it published

Transfer to Quibblo made paragraphs wierd, so I guess you just have to deal for now

Chapter 1


by: Shaneyugi
I walked into the command room and stepped up to look at how things were going. There were multiple insurgents everywhere. Our knights and other armed forces are battling them on all fronts. I stood up to address the men of duty standing in front of me.
“ATTENTION!”I shouted getting everyone to stop their side conversations. “We need to get more troops out on the battlefield. The west and south is falling into enemy hands. We need to act, any ideas?”
“We have to get more knights,” one of them said. “Did that servant of the princess leave? If he did, then that means that they are recruiting,” another exclaimed. “I will ask, but the journey would be long, so don’t expect any news of arrival soon,” Vander said
I put my pistols in their place as I got on my hoverbike, speeding up to the highway. Seeing the city is good for me, especially since my job takes me elsewhere. As I kept going the palace came into view.
I skidded to a halt. The sensors picked up some extra activity in the palace. I put on a protective vest and took out my pistols. I took out some extra clips of ammunition and put them in my belt.
I cautiously edged toward the palace entrance. The knights at the entrance were gone. I started again toward the palace. The knights were not at there usual place, so I checked the barracks. The Lead knight, Mayson was there. He asked if I saw any of the knights. I told him that I came here to find them. He took his Zwill Blade out of its scabbard and picked up his shield. I took my pistols in hand and we started to move into the royal halls.
We checked the rooms and everyone was gone. I led Mayson to the princess’ throne room and on my cue we jumped into the room. Men in silver armor littered the floor. Desca came up to me with her staff in her hands. “Where were you Mayson?” She asked. “Trying to find my knights, what happened here,” Mayson exclaimed. “The Guard soldiers gathered here and attacked. Most of the knights were here fighting them off. We also have some new ones coming,” Desca explained. “Who are they?” We both said in unison. “Their names are Jango and Shane.”

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