Hogwarts Secret (Also a Fred Weasley Love Story)

Open your mind, haven't you ever thought about what happend to kids that the sorting hat could NOT place? Yes yes, he does say that theres nothing in you head that he can't see but what about the kids that hide everything in their mind behind thick bushels of thorns. Where not even the sorting hat can get get through, or what about the kids who have all the qualitys of all the houses equally but also contain something else? Though thats rare, which is why this story is being told.

Chapter 1

Shaden's POV

I was SO excited, I had just recieved my letter from Hogwarts I was going! I raced down-stairs past my little brother screaming "MOM! I'M IN MOOOOOOM!" I'm from the U.S by the way, thats why I don't say Mum....yet. We had just moved to England, Louis my brother was already spewing out all kinds of facts about the place, rather annoying if I might say. We moved here because my Dad works at the Ministry of Magic, he had left about a year ago and none of us could stand being without him much longer so here we are. Right back to the present. I raced over to my Mom almost crashing into her and causing the ladle of soup she was testing to spill, "Shaden goodness gracious be careful!" she exclaimed. I brushed her slightly upset tone away, "Mom I'm in!!" I squealed she gasped and set the ladle down then hugged me "Oh I knew you would get in!" she said. I smiled as she went back to testing the soup, "So I was talking to your Father last night and we both have agreed that this..er 'Flat' is too small so just before you go to Hogwarts..lets see the train leaves September 1st correct?" I nodded "Right then exactly a week before your train departs we will be moving to the country" I jumped up and down shreiking "I GET TO CHOOSE MY ROOM FIRST!!!!" My Mom covered her ears "Shaden quiet! we have neighbors right below and above us!" she hissed. I went red and muttered "Sorry"
*** That Night
I was in my room when I heard Dad come home. "DAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!" I yelled running downstairs "Hey blondie! Whatsn up?" he asked. Blondie is my nickname because I'm the only blonde in the family but Mom says my golden blonde hair goes perfectly with my dark blue eyes. Anyway..... "I got my letter from Hogwarts!!" I sang he picked me up into a bear hug "Thats my girl!" he said. Louis came trudging downstairs "Mom is dinner ready?" he asked "Almost!" Mom called from the small kitchen, Louis sighed "Woah man, who pooped in your cheerios?" I jokingly asked, "I wanna go too!" he pouted My Dad came over and gave me one of those Go to another room stares, I nodded and headed up-stairs while my Dad softly explained a few things to Louis.

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