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Okay! I will be doing a tip section! You will be able to request tips for me to do, and I will if I can. So, request away! ~Jello/lolme11

Chapter 1

7 Picture Day Tips

by: hawktal0n
1. Girls, avoid spaghetti strap tank tops. Plus, if you wore one, you might get cold and your goose bumps might show on your arms in the picture.

2. Boys, avoid words, graphic shirts, and superheros. Wear a plain or little patterned shirt.

3. Don't practice smiling. Your photographer is trained to bring out a non-cheesy smile in you. If you do practice, you'll get a cheesy smile look.

4. Avoid hats. If you wear a hat to school, your photographer will have you take it off, and then you will have "Hat Head Hair".

5. Be proud of your smile. If you have braces, gaped teeth, crooked tooth, don't worry. It will be fine, and it will bring back memories.

6. Feel confident. Think "I will be pretty/ handsome."

7. Pearls are nice in pictures, make sure to wear earrings, and figure out what you want your hair to look like the night before.

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