The red hair pirates biggest challenge: raising a baby

Ok I was thinking on my story red hair devils journal that although mitsuki got raised on a pirate ship since she was 6, she was not raised from a baby so I thought what would it be like for the crew if she had been, as if Charlotte (mitsuki's mother) had not married the governor and had mitsuki on the ship but had still died (properly from child birth then) so leaving a bunch of pirates to raise a little girl, insert shanks freak out face :)

Chapter 1


"When do you think she'll start to walk and talk?" Shanks asked his doctor as he stitched up a cut on Shanks's shoulder.

"mitsuki? Few more months or even years, all babies grow up their own way." He said cutting off the thread, lucky he had sat down the needle, and otherwise it would have ended up digging into Shanks's skin all the way up to the other end; because the infirmary door burst opened and a frantic Benn rushed in, looking under everything then rushing out the room again. Shanks and Doc both stared after him before looking at each other.

"What would make the calm first mate rush around like it's the end of the world?" Doc wondered out loud, they both sat their thinking before standing up and rushing out the door. One thing on their minds…mitsuki. Doc joined in the rest of them looking while Shanks tracked down his first mate, he found him in the lower decks looking in crates, before Benn got the chance to run off again Shanks had pinned him to the side of the ship.

"What happened to her?" Nobody needs to ask who she was; after all there is only one she on the ship. The shock of being body slammed into a wall snapped Benn out of his state of worry.

"mitsuki was in the gallery with everyone, all eyes on the baby that's sliding up and down the boat from all the rocking, then she slides out the door and never slid back. Everyone got up in…I'm sure you can figure out the rest."

"So she can't be on deck, right? The gallery doors don't open that way…"

"FOUND HER! UP ON DECK!" Shanks and Benn looked towards the door before they both bolt out, how the hell did mitsuki get on deck? The answer is plane to see when they reached it, because in the middle of the deck is and crawling around little cranberry haired baby. Nobody moved all watching the girl before Shanks stormed up to her, his captains face in place. He stood in front of Mitsuki gaining her attention, mitsuki looked up at her father while Shanks looked down on his daughter, they stared at each other like that before mitsuki's smile her huge gummy smile and reached out with her chubby hands, everyone crumbled. Damn mitsuki for being so cute. They all think before they all crumble again as they watched Shanks lift her up and hug her.

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