The red hair pirates biggest challenge: raising a baby

Ok I was thinking on my story red hair devils journal that although mitsuki got raised on a pirate ship since she was 6, she was not raised from a baby so I thought what would it be like for the crew if she had been, as if Charlotte (mitsuki's mother) had not married the governor and had mitsuki on the ship but had still died (properly from child birth then) so leaving a bunch of pirates to raise a little girl, insert shanks freak out face :)

Chapter 3


Shanks sighed as he watched Mitsuki crawl around the deck, they have docked but because of the baby someone had to keep an eye on her, Shanks had been left by the rest of the crew claiming that he should do it since she was his daughter. Shanks looked up at the sky then quickly back to the cranberry haired kid and found her missing, swearing he dashed around the deck and found her holding onto the side of the boat, two little chubby hands pressed into the side of the ship as she's kneeling down. Looks like she's…nah, it's too soon…Shanks watched as the little baby stood up using her hands as leverage, she stood there shacking before landing back on her knees, Shanks didn't move to help her back up, catching the glint of determination in her eyes. He didn't know how long he watched her stand up then fall back down for but after a while she got it, she just shacking a tiny bit, a smile bloomed over her face as she looked down at her feet.

"mits…" She had turned around to stare at Shanks grin still on her face, hands still on the side of the boat. Shanks sat down cross legged and held his arms out. "Come here."

Mitsuki stared at him like his crazy before dropping her hands from the side of the ship and sat down about to crawl towards him.

"No mits, get back up and walk over here." She looked lost before she grabbed hold of the side of the ship again and got up on her feet, she stared at them before lifting up her right foot and falling flat on her a(ss), Shanks tried not to laugh at her and she glared at him. She got to her feet again and tried moving her left foot first, only to fall on her a(ss) again. Shanks snickered getting another glare from her before she got back up and stood there. Shanks didn't know how much time passed as she lifted her foot off the ground before putting it back down; she did this for a while like she's pawing at the ground. After a while she looked back up at Shanks and took her first step, Shanks grinned at the girl, defiantly stubborn just like her mother. She walked a little over half way before landing on her a(ss), Shanks waited and waited for her to move and after a while of worry he went to move towards her, she shot her head up and crawled back over to the side of the ship and getting back on her feet. Shanks sat back down and waited and watched as mitsuki walked over to him, this time no falling down flat on her face or a(ss). She made it all the way over to him and they she crashed into his legs but his strong arms caught a hold of her and lifted the giggling girl up. He couldn't be more proud of his little girl.

"Awe…" Is the sound that came from behind the two of them, turning around they see the whole crew standing there with stupid looking grins on their faces.

"What? Shes my daughter" Shanks growls out, blushing just a tad at being discovered, they just grinned and went back to whatever they wanted to do before Shanks and mitsuki distracted them. Benn, Yasopp and Doc were the only ones that stayed and watched the two, all three of them nodded their heads and as Benn stepped forward he said the dreaded words that Shanks didn't want to hear.

"mitsuki can walk know, that means she's going to be running around everywhere." Apotheosizing on the everywhere part.

"You don't mean…"

"Bet she could reach the door handles now too."


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