The red hair pirates biggest challenge: raising a baby

Ok I was thinking on my story red hair devils journal that although mitsuki got raised on a pirate ship since she was 6, she was not raised from a baby so I thought what would it be like for the crew if she had been, as if Charlotte (mitsuki's mother) had not married the governor and had mitsuki on the ship but had still died (properly from child birth then) so leaving a bunch of pirates to raise a little girl, insert shanks freak out face :)

Chapter 9

Hi there!


"Oh? Okay, everyone knows the drill, sort out what we need, split it up into groups and go shopping, Yasopp I want you to look after mitsuki."

"But Shanks, I need to buy some things and everyone else will screw it all up."


"I told you this a week ago." Shanks slapped his forehead and glanced down at the kid standing at his feet.

"Who's watching the ship?"

"Snyder is captain."

"…Snyder? Who's that?" Benn sighed as he looked at Shanks.

"That random guy that you kidnapped a few months ago because he had a funny eye." Shanks still had a blank look on his face and Benn sighed again. "never mind, he can look after her while we all get some much needed supplies and other things."

"Shanks why can't I go too?" Little mitsuki (looking more like the captain each day now) asked grabbing at his white shirt; Shanks looked down at his little girl blankly before smile softly and bending down.

"Your too tiny, once you reach Benn's chest then you can come with us." Mitsuki frowned at that, not liking it at all, but she let her dad go and walked off looking for Snyder or the guy with the funny eye.

"So when are you really going to let her wonder off the ship?"

"…When she's older."

"Heh, who knew you would be a protective parent." Benn shook his head as he followed Shanks off the ship, he feels really sorry for Mitsuki because even when she's off the ship everyone will be with her all the time so that she doesn't get hurt and even when she's older…he could already see Shanks killing any kind of guy that looked at her twice… "More like when you're dead."


Mitsuki stared and stared and stared, Snyder shuffled on his feet a little uncomfortable with the girls gaze, he was kinda afraid of the little girl with her dad being the captain and all...

"WHAT?" He finally snapped, mitsuki blinked out of her staring and looked at him before going back to staring again. "mitsuki!"


"What are you looking at?"

"Your funny eye, does it always twist around like that?"

"…You're so much like Shanks that it's not funny." She beamed up at him very proud of this fact; Snyder sighed and sat down next to the girl in the crow's nest. "Want to play a game?"


"What do you want to play?"

"Go fish." Benn and Yasopp taught her how to count by the use of cards, dice and beli.

"…How about I teach you a new game."

"What kind of game?"


"What do I have to do?"

"You can count to thirty right?"


"Okay, I'll give you two card, and you have to make it get as close to 21 as you can, kings, queens and jakes are all 10, and ace is either a 1 or an 11. Got that?"


"Good, if you want more card you rap your knuckle on the ground twice or say hit me, but if you like the two cards that you have then you say stay." The two ended up playing a very slow game of 21, after all mitsuki had to count her cards. It started to get dark and yet nobody had returned to the ship yet, Snyder sighed as he helped mitsuki down from the crow's nest and back onto the deck. "Alright mitsuki, I want you to stay on the ship while I go look for them."


"No butts stay here!" mitsuki pouted but did as she was told as Snyder jumped ship onto the dock and made his way to the one nosiest bar on the island. Mitsuki stood on her tippy toes to peer over the railings at the figure walking away, she sighed and went to the middle of the deck were much to her horror a sword is placed at her neck.

"Turn around slowly and tell me your name and why you're on this ship." Mitsuki gulped and turned really, really, really slowly to face the tall man pointing a black sword at her neck, a coat on showing off his toned body, grey pants tucked into his boots, hat on his head with a feather. But the one thing that stands out the most about him is his golden yellow eyes. Mitsuki stared at the man with a blank expression her fear melting away from her face as she looked at him; the golden eyed man raised an eyebrow at the girl. "…Name and why you're on the ship."

"…you have really cool eyes!" She said walking towards him to get a closer look, disregarding the sword completely. Lucky for her and him, because Shanks wouldn't have let him live if her accidently killed the girl, he pulled his sword away from her and put it back on his back. "I'm mitsuki and I live here, who are you?"

"…Dracule 'Hawk-Eyes' Mihawk."

"Does that mean you have a bounty?"


"That's so cool, are you waiting for someone?"

"Yes, shanks." Mitsuki grinned up at Mihawk and took his hand and led him down into the gallery.

"daddy? We can wait for daddy to come back here; Snyder just went looking for him." mihawk raised an eye, he never though shanks would have a child but the proof was right there, she looked just like him so there was no way to deny it.


"Yeah the one with the funny eyes, his new."

"Hmm…" mitsuki let go of Mihawk's hand so that he could sit down, she soon followed, they both just sat there mitsuki looking around the room while Mihawk watched the small girl. "How old are you?"

"Three and a half." She said holding up three fingers. "How old are you?"

"23." mitsuki grinned at him before the silence filled the air around them again; Mihawk uncrossed his legs and stood up catching mitsuki's attention.

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for the wine."

"Ahh, that's over…I'll get it." mitsuki hopped off from where she was sitting and walked over to a door opened it and walked in, she came back out with three bottles of different whines in her hands. Mihawk glanced over them grabbed the middle and watched as she put the other two back. " the guys always go in and out of that room, I wanted to know why and found all that."


"Hey Hawky, why do you drink that red stuff when everyone else avoids it?" Mihawk only spared her a glance before walking into the room and grabbing a different bottle, he sat the bottle of red wine and sake in front of the child before grabbing two glasses. He filled one full or wine and the other full of sake.

"Take a sip of this." mitsuki grabbed the glass and took a sip of the sake, only to chock on it, Mihawk grinned and took the glass from her hands and gave her the other one, he drowned the sake while mitsuki took a sip at the red wine, and he took it from her hands before she could take another one. Mitsuki found that the wine tasted better but burned her throat longer then the sake, Mihawk chuckled at the girl and fetched a glass of water giving it to her. "Does that answer your question?"

"Nope!" Mihawk sat back next to mitsuki and she chattered about her birthday that just past, he found it a little surprising that she didn't talk about what she got but how everyone acted and what they were doing. It got later as they talked, or more like mitsuki talked and Mihawk listened and they were so into it that they didn't hear the running sandaled feet across the deck and smash open the gallery door.

"MITSUKI!" Mihawk and mitsuki snapped around too looked at a much panicked red haired man, face flushed from alcohol and running. He stopped short upon seeing Mihawk sitting next to her. "…Dracule? What are you doing here?"

"I was going to have a duel with you but this lass, here has taken my boredom away." mitsuki grinned knowing that she had just been praised but not how. Shanks sagged on the doorframe before moving his way over to the two of them, he grabbed the sake and the glass that used to have sake in it and poured a glass. "Where's the crew?"

"Catching up." He said ruffling mitsuki"s hair then picked her up, misuki. before long more pounding feet could be heard over the ship and the gallery door is once again slammed opened. The crew all stumbled in.

"Is mitsuki okay?" They cried out, all together, Snyder pushed his way through his crew members to the front of everyone and bowed down low while sobbing and you could tell that he has been hit quite a few times.

"mits I'm so sorry I left you all alone."

"It's alright, Hawky kept me company."

"No it's not all right, some marines or other pirate crew could have boarded and killed you or you might have…"

"Snyder, Mihawk looked after me."

"But who knows what Mihawk could have done to you…! Mihawk?" He asked looking up and seeing Mihawk for the first time, jaws dropped at the sight of him because nobody knew he was even there.

"It would seem that mitsuki is a part of your family, metaphorically and literally." Mihawk said standing up and walking over to the 2, patting mitsuki's head, before walking out of the room. Everyone stared after him in awe due to drunkenness before Shanks's mournful cry filled the room all the way to Mihawk's small boat making him smirk.


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