Quibblo Academy: The School of Outcasts

After the long wait, I have finally started the story...The prologue and the first few chapters might really suck though so please just try and keep yourself alive somehow while reading

Chapter 1


by: omgbye
What kind of stuff scare you? What are some of your biggest weaknesses? My answer to both those questions are the same: my thoughts.

I think sometimes too much. And I don't mean school-thinking. I mean the thinking of life. Just yesterday as I was coming home from school, a sudden thought randomly hit my hit me and scared me nearly to death.

I thought, "Why am I alive? What's the point in living? Who'd even care if I leave this world someday?"

That one thought made me realize how weak and vulnerable I really am. No...it was more like a proof, reminder of how lost I am. Ever since I started attending a new high school four weeks ago, I couldn't remember who I really way. And there was no one around to remind me either.

I'm quiet when I'm around people I don't know. I don't talk unless spoken to. I don't smile or laugh, unless I feel absolutely socially forced to at the moment. I walk into a class and someone I don't know calls my name and waves; I simply lift my hand in a waving response. Sitting in the back, ignoring everyone else, working on my own, that was me. I don't remember how I was the year before in my old school, but this is who I am now.

I was sitting in front of my closed laptop desk in my room, regular Saturday. I scanned my desk for anything sharp and pointy. Tip of a fountain pen, that pointy part of a circle compass, pins and needles. I finally grabbed the large pair of scissors and opened them up and started poking the pointy parts with my index finger.

My sleeve rolled itself down as I rose my left arm, revealing four parallel lines, barely noticeable on my forearm. Tallies. Four lines for the four weeks I came home alive from high school. I pressed the scissor tip hard against my skin and brought it down as a slash over the other four lines. Week five. And I still happen to be alive.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal. But sometimes I just like to check if I'm still alive. Being able to feel physical pain is a simple way to test that. Yea, call me pathetic, stupid, weird. Go ahead. I dare you.

I watched in semi-fascination as the slash line quickly turned red and studied the drips of crimson make their way around my forearm and dripped onto my shirt.

Red, such a pretty color.

I don't jump or feel started the least bit when the sound of a sudden burst of thunder slams against my eardrums. I moved toward the corner of my room and opened the blinds of the windows. It was raining outside. Another perfect time for thinking.

"Always chasing scars, never gets you far," I started singing. "An illusion, its all just smoke and mirrors."

The world...outside my window...I wonder how big it is, what it holds. I never get to explore freely on my own, so my knowledge of the outside world is limited to the few books I've read or the anime I watched. Judging it by that it seems like a fun place. But I wouldn't know.

Unless you haven't grasped the idea yet, I have no friends. Not now anyway. The school I currently attend has over eighteen hundred students, and I only know two. One, a girl from my old school. Two, someone that shows slight promise in a future "friendship" or whatever that word was.

"I'd rather be alone...than put you on a throne..."

What's the point of having friends anyway? They never do anything. They're just there for entertainment. At least that's how I saw it back when I actually had "friends." And with this boring, pointless life I lived, what would I even do with people like "friends?" That word's too overused anyway...

I start getting more and more drowsy for some reason, and feel my vision blurring and my head feeling heavy. That's when I notice the cut on my arm isn't done bleeding out yet.

"Fvck," I cursed under my breath before trying to get up to get some napkins.

Before taking a single step, I feel even more dizzy and hold onto the wall so I don't collapse. But I fall eventually anyway. I looked at the carpet under my bleeding arm. Dammit, now my mom will wonder where that mess came from. I gotta clean it up...gotta get up first...

"And lose my faith...in smoke...and mirrors..." I finish right before my eyes shut.

Ok, I know this was pretty boring. But it was just a prologue anyway. I'll try to make the actual chapters better. Think of this like...that three minute intro in the beginning of a new anime before the opening plays...Anyway, don't worry about your characters. I'm gonna start bringing them in one at a time starting next chapter ^.^

BY THE WAY, for those of you who don't know, the song (my) character was singing was called Smoke and Mirrors by Black Veil Brides XD


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