I hate you but love you

Hi I'm Jessica but people call me Jess I hate this kid Ryan Beatty but he is kinda cute and a really good singer but I mean we have hated eachother since the pre k and I don't think that's gonna change.

Chapter 1

Seeing you makes me wanna puke

I walk down stairs Ryan why are you here? Because your sister wanted to talk to me trust me I wouldn't be here if you asked me. Ok first of all I wouldn't ask you to come here and second of all leave it's my house to and I'm older than her so just leave. No I won't because I know it annoys you. Wow mature. Is that really what you are wearing to school? Yeah why? Oh nothing its just pretty. Yeah I'm gonna go change. No I mean it's real pretty. Um ok I walk into my garage and get in my car and drove away. Lizzie walks over to Ryan. Ryan why do you like my sister. Because lizzie she's awesome. But your mean to her. I won't be today. Ok. He hugs her. And gets in his car.
I park my car and walk over to Bria hey briaboo! Jessyboo! She takes out her phone and snipes me. Wow bria! You weren't looking so I took my chances! Alright then! Ryan comes up in his mustang. Looks like your fan club just arrived. I start blushing shut up! You know you like him! Yeah but whatever let's go before he calls me smelly jelly. Alright but you realize he will call you it at your locker cuz you two have lockers next to eachother. Yeah I know but come on I'm going to the bathroom to do mah hair! I take my hair out of it's bun and put it In a wavy ponytail. Well I'm all beauty afied so let's go to the locker. Okayyy! I go to myy locker and Ryan is there. I open it put my bag in there. What no insult today? I'm trying to be different. Well theres no changing yourself now and why you hate me. I don't hate you truth is I actually kinda like you. Well I don't hate you either but your gonna have to prove to me that your worth it. he hugs me.

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! And I DONT hate Ryan Beatty I really actually LOVE him and I got to meet him yesterday at the BIG day in St.Louis(:

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