The Demigod Outcasts

This is sorta a percey jackson fanfiction, but none of the characters are in this story

Chapter 1

i get a gift, from a monster

by: cjcj
The mall of america was a place anyone could have fun... anyone but me. Ive been to many places that are suppossed to be fun, but i have always been under the threat of having to run at a momince notice.
So there i was, sitting in a food court. I wore a a white american eagle shirt underneith my black leather jacket. I brushed my black hair out of my light brown eyes. Well light brown isnt exact, they almost look gold. Anyway, it was very difficult to ignore the group of cute girls starring at me. Finally i couldn't stand it, i turned, gave them a slight smile and nod, then walked towards the nearest exit. As i was pulling out the keys to the motorcycle im to young to drive (im only 14 but i drive safe and can outride any cop) i heard a roar and something yell my name.
I sighed and turned around. there was already people running the opposite way. I grabbed a baseball bat at the close by olympia sports. I figured since olympia sounded like olympus, itd be a good luck charm. Oh ya, i guess my dad is a greek god. I once captured a sayter, who told me i was a child of the greek mythology. I believed him, due to the many greek monsters that have tried to kill me. I let him go and never saw a friendly beast again.
so i walked up and saw a huge beast destroying the front of a mc donalds. I had studied mythology in librarys, so i knew this was a manticour. It had a mans face, lions body, and a curved scorpion tail. I was aware it could shoot those barbs, but i didnt worry. Im a lot like normal mortals, but for some reason i have a extremely quick reflex. The beast spotted me and shot a hail of darts my way. I doged a few and blocked some others with my bat. I charged him head on, and jumped onto a table, and then into the air. I came down on him and my bat and his tail collided in the air, knocking me into a wall.
I got up and threw my broken bat into a trash, so much for good luck. The beast sneered " you are tough, but i want you as my trophy." Suddenly his barb was golden instead of black. It flew thrue the air and suddenly it seemed like things slowed. It changed in midair into an arrow. I turned and ran but so did it, following me. I stopped and somehow managed to catch it. I looked down and it wasnt an arrow anymore, but a long golden hilted sword. The beast sneered and shot about a hundred darts. The sword slashed thrue the air as i cut the nearest darts into pieces. But some missed me.
At the last second i dived as a dart hit a gas container. An explosion rocked the building. Me and and the monster staggered to ourfeet, but it suddenly blocked its eyes like there was something bright at the stairs, and it roared as loud as it can.

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