My time at Salisbury School

Since 2010 I went to Salisbury School. I loved being down Nelson. It was sunny in Nelson but sometimes it was rainy.

Chapter 1

My first day at Salisbury School in Nelson

On my first day to a boarding school on the 3rd February 2010 I felt very nervous and shy all at the same time. I had made so many friends all in one day. I was so surprised in how many friends that I could make in one whole day. I loved being able to make heaps of friends. I flew down to Nelson with my Mum. Mum stayed with me for one day with me. But now Salisbury school might be getting shut down when I don't want it to. I loved everything about the Boarding School. I went there when I was a Year 9. It was so exciting. These people were waiting for me at the airport. I couldn't get used to the airport space. It felt very weird. Nelson is always known for its snow and its sun. It was a nice sunny day when I arrived in Nelson. It was a scorching sun. I enjoyed having the sun shining on me. But it was almost too hot for me. I was lucky that I was wearing shoes. The second day my Mum left to go on the next flight to Auckland. It was a very bumpy ride. The time you would get is 2 years. They used to have them until they were 18 years old but then they thought that it would be a good idea to have them for 2 years so the kids could visit their parents. One time I felt homesick that I cried on a staffs shoulder. I made the staffs shoulder all wet with tears. The staff were so kind. Everyday I would meet new people and new staff that I didn't know of. They had different shifts during the day. Some of the teachers there were so bossy that I didn't like them that much. Sometimes you would get bullied. There would be some little kids and sometimes they get Identical twins.

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