Pain shared, understanding won, love found. (Severus Snape love story)

Pain shared, understanding won, love found. (Severus Snape love story)

As the username, might imply, I am in love with the most amazing man ever committed to ink and paper, so here's a story....

The Main character is a girl who is a genius, so she came to Hogwarts at age nine. Her name is Ember Brookfyre. She is 5'11 with long, dark brown hair, grey-blue eyes, pale skin, and she is very intelligent....Her patronus is a dragon, and her Animagus form is a black tiger. Yes, she taught herself to be an animagus.

Chapter 1

A glimpse into the past, a friendships beggining.

Third person

A nine year old girl with rippling waves Of brown hair walked across the grounds, flanked by two boys with pale blonde hair. These were the girls friends, Lucias Malfoy (obviously older then the other two) and Xenophilius Lovegood. The girl in the middle was the youngest, Of course, though she seemed to lead the small group. Fifth and Seventh years trickled out to the grounds to enjoy the end Of their O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts.

This girl, Ember Brookfyre, was striding over to a small knot Of older students to investigate the commotion. They were crowded around another fitfh year, a skinny boy with dark hair and eyes, whom, Ember vaguely remembered, had shown her the ghost Of a smile as she sat at the Slytherin table after her sorting. The "Quitting" ( or whatever the stupid game was called) jerks stood before the dark-haired boy, wands out and laughing as he choked on pink soap bubbles.

Ember couldn't stand them, Potter and Black. She vanished the bubbles instanly, glaring at James. Ember pointed her jet-black obsidian wand at both Of them, the rather sharp tip gleaming darkly. "This doubles as a weapon." She informed the crowd, and they stepped back quickly as Ember helped up the boy, No dout that she would use her wand.

"Hi, my name's Ember, Ember Brookfyre." She said brightly, in a bit less dangerous Of a tone. "Severus." Was the muttered reply.

Ember set off with another glare at the fifth-years, Severus tagging along with her small group at the last moment, checking his schedule. "Severus." Ember muttered lightly; the unusual Name had caught her intrest. "Severus means stern in Latin." She told him, then looked at her watch. "Oh gosh, Transfiguration starts in three minutes!"

Xenophilius trailed behind, expression suggesting that he was watching a mildly intresting television program.

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