Camp Jupiter

Comment if you'd like to write the POV of someone. You can create them anyway you like, but I ask that you don't change the facts that other people made the chapter before you. Oh yeah, they are NOT claimed yet and they must NOT yet know they have Roman blood. Four people max. First come first served.

Chapter 1

The Last Day of School

''BRRRRRIIIIINNNNG!'' That was the bell! Im free! I rush out into the hallway, quickly grab my stuff from my locker and dart down to the exit of the school. Walking a little slower, I take a deep breath. I want to savor the last moments of school! I think I see someone hiding behind the corner. ''Hello?'' I call out. No answer. Oh well. I keep walking when- ''UUh!'' A dark figure shoves me into a supply closet really hard. I snap back to reality, and take in my surroundings. I am in a pretty big supply closet with janitorial instruments against the wall. In front of me, I see three people advancing toward me, fists clenched. Oh no. The school bullies. Theyre always picking on people for the smallest things. This is probably for the time I accidently knocked the main bully, Warrens pencil off his desk. ''Hello, Lexus Riol.'' Warren chuckled while smiling sweetly at me. ''I think you deserve a time-out, dont you think so too Chuck and Max?'' His two goons shook their head vigorously. I looked around for something to defend myself with. Ive never been in a fight, but I know it would be useless calling for help now. I was running out of time now, trying to decide between a Windex bottle and a bucket. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bully named Max lunge toward me. I quickly sidestepped, and grabbed a large broom off the wall. I waved it at Max, trying to keep him away, but he simply broke off the head, leaving me with a huge seven-foot broom. Now I saw all of them starting to run toward me, fists up. I suddenly thrust the end of the broom at Chuck, sending him into a wall, trip Max with it, and hook Warrens jacket. We glare at each other. ''Ill get you for this, Lexus!'' He shouts. Figuring he learned his lesson, I set him down behind me and walk out the door. AAh! Finally outside! Everything sounds perfect, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and- panting? I twist around, and spot Warren full-speed toward me. Immediately, I start running. He is gaining on me. I look around, and almost cry. Straight ahead of me is a busy road, and all sides just trees. I decide Ill take the road. I wait for a few seconds, but he is getting really close. Twenty feet away. Fifteen. This is not going to work. Realizing I still have the stick in my hand, I back up and run toward the road with all my might. Ive seen it on the Summer Olympics, but I never gave much attention to it. Just before the road, in a perfect motion I set the stick down while running, Hold on to the top part of the stick and jump forward. It was all in fast-motion. I hit the ground with a thud. I look up. I see Warren staring at me on the other side of the road. I quickly run home after that. That night, I look at myself in the mirror. Tan skin, jet-black hair, and dark brown eyes. Nothing seemed different about me. Yet how did a sole 15-year old do that? I pole-vaulted, and used a large stick as a pole arm. It was miraculous. Maybe a bit more than miraculous. Maybe it was Godly.

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