Camp Jupiter

Comment if you'd like to write the POV of someone. You can create them anyway you like, but I ask that you don't change the facts that other people made the chapter before you. Oh yeah, they are NOT claimed yet and they must NOT yet know they have Roman blood. Four people max. First come first served.

Chapter 18

My close to normal day

My day was totally ruined when I met the weirdos. Until then, my day was fairly normal. I was just sitting on the steps of Sagittarius High School, waiting for my friend Alexis. Earlier I had noticed a particularly large bird, but paid it no mind. And I suppose that that was the most important part of the puzzle.
The two boys and the girl came running down the back alley. I thought it was a bit odd that they all seemed to have weapons, except the girl, unless they were actually really big toothpicks. And they all seemed to be tired and beaten up.
"Hey!" I called to them. I thought maybe I could help them out a little bit, get them a meal or something, and find out what they were running from.
"Don't stop, we can't involve her." one of them said to the others. I took it that he was the leader.
Now I was mad. Here I was, trying to help them, and they don’t even stop! So I took off after them. They ran in the middle of streets, down back alleys.
Finally, one of the others said "She won't stop unless we do."
So they stopped. I slowed down, breathing heavily. I was not used to running that much.
"I need to get in shape!" I wheezed." When I finally got my breath back, I said " Do you need help? We can get a meal and see what else I can do for you."
"I'm sorry, but we can't involve you in what we're doing. We're looking for our friend. He's... missing. We thought he would be here." said the one in charge.
I decided to start over.
"My name is Kayla Dandriff. What's yours?"
"I'm Kieran. That's Dakota Johnson and Lexus Riol. Our friend Nate is missing. He was supposed to meet us for lunch." said the main boy. I guessed the girl was Dakota, and the other boy was Lexus.
"Now, how about you put those weapons up, and we go to McDonalds or Burger King? I asked.
"McDonalds!" the trio chorused. So we went to the nearest one, which was on 87th Street.
Kieran was a big eater. He ordered a Big Mac, fries, and a shake. Lexus ordered a Filet O' Fish (give me back my fillet o' fish, give me that fish!) and Dakota got chicken nuggets, a Frostie, and medium fries. Then we sat and talked.
First, the three huddled, deciding how much to tell me, I guessed. Then Dakota said "Everything? Isn't that dangerous? We’re not supposed to tell mortals, are we?"
"Yeah, but she saw my javelin and Lexus's shield. She's no mere mortal." Kieran said.
Wait, so I shouldn't have been able to see them? What did that mean? Was I a freak? But before I could ask, Kieran said " How much do you know about Roman mythology?"
"Like what? The gods? Monsters? Heroes? I know enough. But they're just tales aren't they?" I asked.
"No, Kayla. They aren't. They're real. And a griffin took our friend Nate. The griffin brought him here, we're sure of it." Dakota says to me. Her voice sounded certain. I almost couldn’t help believing her. Almost.
"Whoa, slow down! You're trying to tell me that the Roman gods are real, and they sent a griffin to abduct your friend Nate? That's crazy!"
"I know, but you wanted to know, and we told you."
I couldn't deny that. But then I had an idea. " I have an idea where your friend might be! " I said. And we quickly finished our meal and I led them to my idea. And I wondered about Lexus. He hadn't said a word all the time we ate. He was an odd character, but there was a certain charm about him. Maybe… no. He was too quiet. Quit making excuses, Kay! You like Lexus.

Dakota's POV

So, yeah. Odd girl who can see our weapons tells us she might know where Nate is, and who gave Lexus an odd look as we exited McDonald’s. So what. But first, let me tell you how we got to New York.
Obviously, we couldn’t take Dad’s plane, since that lizard monster destroyed it. So, I “convinced” a taxi driver to take us from the LaGuardia airport to the main fray.
“Excuse me,” I said to the driver. “We need to fet to New York City, please?”
“Sorry, kid, that’s way out of my zone.” He says. “You might wanna try another taxi service.”
“Please?” I ask. Instead of arguing more, he unlocked the door.
“Get in. Hope ya got money to pay for this,” He grumbles.
“Oh, don’t worry about the cost sir. Whatever it is, I’m sure I have enough,” I say sweetly. I slide in after Lexus and Joseph. I marvel that I can make people do things with just saying it.
Soon after that, we were on the highway, about twenty minutes from the town. I wonder why Mom told me to find Dad. I mean, sure I want to see him, but why would she only say that Lexus and Kieran could come? I mean, Joseph didn’t know my dad was Dwayne Johnson. But I didn’t see that as a legitimate reason for keeping him away from Dad. But, I’m sure she knows things like this. After all, she did have a kid with him, yours truly.
I couldn’t think of a way that I could get Joseph to leave us alone long enough to meet Dad and find out whatever it was Venus said he was going to tell us.
The driver stopped. “Here ya are. Times Square.” I handed the guy a fifty dollar bill and got out. Lexus and Kieran were in awe. I’d seen it a few times, so it really was nothing new. but I still admired the big Jumbotron.
“Ha! there’s an information center. They’ll know where Dad is,” I say. “Er, Joseph, why don’t you try and find us a place to eat? We’ll need to refuel, and we can fill you in later. We’ll meet you at the Jumbotron at five.”
Surprisingly, he didn’t argue, but headed off in another direction. Kieran and Lexus look at me in surprise.
“Damn, Dakota! Next time, warn us! I was almost tempted to go with him,” Lexus said.
“Yeah, I guess being a child of Venus has it’s perks,” I laughed, as we headed over to the stand. The lady looked up.
“Can I help you?” she asks.
“ Yes. We were wondering where Dwayne Johnson was staying while here? I’m his daughter, but we got lost at the airport, and he never specified which one it is,” I said.
“Certainly. It’s the New Bay Inn. He’s on the sixth floor” she says.
“Thank you,” I say. “Come on guys, I know a shortcut there.”
We walked as fast as we could, eventualy getting into a run. I noticed Kayla sitting on the steps of the public high school. Of course I didn’t know it was her. I didn’t tell her about Dad. Most people go ballistic when they find out.
And that’s how we ended up following a mortal in the middle of New York. I know what you're thinking. We were stupid to follow her. But there was something about Kayla that was different. It made me want to trust her.
She led us to an alley. I recognized it as the alley we'd run from when we'd spotted Kayla first. She showed us a weird mark. it was like something had scratched it.
r"I think...that meeting you was the best thing that could've happened to us!" Kieran said. I had a feeling... but no. Kieran wouldn't. He’s too high and mighty to like her. Maybe you’re just saying that because you like him, I say to myself. Shut up me!
"So, who wants to go first?" I asked the others. Surprisingly, Lexus volunteered.
“I’ve got the best weapon. You can go next, with Kayla, if she’s coming, and then Kieran can go behind you,” he says.
Always concerned with our safety, eh Lex?” I joke.
“Of course I’m coming! I’m involved now,” Kayla says. “Just one problem. How do we get in? Is it some kind of Griffins-only lair?”
“Dunno,” Kieran says. “But we’re gonna find out. I stare at Kayla. She’s pretty gutsy. I notice a necklace hanging out of her pocket. It’s shaped like a dragon. No, shaped like a griffin.
“Kayla,” I say slowly. “I think that necklace of yours might do something.”
She fumbles with the necklace, pulling it out of her pocket. It’s a pretty necklace, honestly. I reach for her hands, steadying her. “It’s okay. I just found out about this stuff a rew days ago, and it still makes my head spin. I get it.” I whisper to her. She nods greatfully. I release my hand. Kayla places the necklace right on the scratch marks. I back up as a rumbling sounds. The brick crumbles, and I pull Kayla out of the way just as the pieces fall right where she was.
“Thanks,” she says weakly.
“No problem.”
I look in the hole from the wall. There is a corridor that leads as far as I can see iinto the darkness. I see Kayla grip a stick lying on the ground. I dont have the heart to tell her that it probably won’t do any good against a monster like Mr. Lizard Face or the griffin. Lexus enters the tunnel, and I follow. I hear short footsteps, meaning that Kayla and Kieran were following. I slowly followed Lexus, hoping that we can find Nate. Despite his unpleasant nature, I wouldn’t wish being killed by a griffin on anybody.

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